Who says the elites don’t have class?

Speaks for itself:

The drunken JetBlue passenger who treated a sleeping 11-year-old girl like his personal potty is a member of the US Ski Team who refused to apologize yesterday for the high-altitude humiliation.

Robert “Sandy” Vietze, 18, is among the 75 most elite skiers in the nation — but he may have blown his chance to compete in the 2014 Winter Games in Russia.

His name was bumped from the team’s developmental roster yesterday afternoon, although officials refused to comment about his status.

The leaky loser expressed no remorse outside his family’s palatial Vermont home, where he ignored questions about the incident and showed no interest in apologizing to his victim.

“We have no comment, nothing to say,” snapped Vietze’s mother, Abigail, as they hauled luggage and ski equipment from a gray BMW.
Dear “Sandy,”
If I were your momma, you’d be on your knees outside the “palatial” family home while I twisted your ear until the words “I’m so sorry to have behaved like an underaged drunken ass, and I will atone for my actions forevermore” came from your lips. Since your momma apparently has neither the smarts nor the class to do that for you herself, then I strongly suggest you start thinking about repenting on your knees. Regardless of whether or not you were too drunk to notice what you were doing (which, mind you, isn’t a valid excuse), you should apologize. Now. That you apparently have never learned to say you’re sorry for acting like an ass reflects upon you and your family. Who apparently have no comment.
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  1. Isn’t that an unbelievable story? I was shocked when i saw it. Which country was that that caned? Send the punk there.

    Speaking of punks, I’ve got a blog out on the riots in London. You’ll get a laugh out of it.

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