Will Perry be a flash in the pan or will he fight and beat Romney for the nomination?

I was rather taken aback yesterday at Ann Coulter’s snarky snipe and think she’s delusional about Christie running. In my mind, Perry’s the best thing we’ve got going or will get. What say you? Liberals, of course, will be in a lather:

Most people outside Texas know very little about Perry, but given his standing as a kind of amalgam of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, he may soon occupy an unprecedented position in the imagination of liberals and the Left—perhaps the most frightening specter of anti-liberalism since Ronald Reagan precisely because he is electable. The conservative boogeyman is back

Heh. Lookie, some are even calling him mean and dumb. Hey, the wizard of smart who would part the oceans isn’t doing such a great job. But I digress. James Pethokoukis:

The anti-Perry case is obvious, and liberals are already making it, such as blogger Kevin Drum of Mother Jones magazine: Everyone looks good before they get into the race. He’s too Texan and George W. Bush-like. He’s too mean. He’s too dumb. He’s too smarmy. He’s too overtly religious. Policywise, he’s too radical, even for Republicans. The strength of the tea party-wing is overrated. The Texas economic miracle is a mirage. Republicans want to beat Obama, and Perry isn’t electable.

When a liberal from Mother Jones worries that Perry isn’t electable, it makes me believe that he will wipe the electoral map with Obama. Just sayin’.

Perry did sound Reaganesque in his announcement today. The first ad:

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  1. […] Will Perry be a flash in the pan or will he fight and beat Romney for the nomination? […]

  2. To be honest, I’m not convinced that Perry is going to hit it big. I remember Fred Thompson four years ago, the great Conservative hope. While I’m not thrilled with Romney, Perry hasn’t been a movement conservative all his life. He’s flipped on plenty. I still think the strongest ticket is the Romney-Perry ticket. First and foremost I want to beat Obama. We shall see how it pans out. I am still not committing to anyone.

    • Manny, there’s a big difference between Perry and Thompson: Governance/experience. Perry’s got it in spades.

      I, too, want to beat Obama, but without selling my soul to the RINO devil.

  3. The Texas economy would be doing good no matter who was the governor (assuming a Republican or conservative Democrat). They have a strong and diversified economy and a never ending stream of money coming in from oil and gasoline sales.

    • You make a point, but only to a point ; ) Texas invites folks to create businesses and jobs. California punishes those who do. As far as oil/gas, the administration has done what it can to choke the Gulf states of that revenue and those jobs.

  4. Rick Perry will be our next President, and he will be a good one, just as he’s been a good governor. When he’s had ideas that the electorate determined were boneheaded, he’s known when to take no for an answer, and lets it go. That’s humility.

    He’s willing to stand up in front of God and everybody and national TV cameras and speak the name of Jesus Christ. Only Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rick Scott of Florida had the courage to accept his invitations. What kinds of Christians do we have in elected office?

    Not only did he ignore the challenges of anti-religion atheists, he also ignored the criticism of liberal Christian denominations. He apologized for nothing. That’s about as far from being pro-islam as an elected governor sworn to uphold constitutional freedom of religion can go – and remember, Texas had its own revolution over freedom of religion and constitutional government.

    Perry has a huge and solid backing from conservative Hispanics, thanks to his firm religious convictions and anti-abortion work. He got a standing ovation from 5,000 at a Spanish-language event in LA just a few months back.

    I believe he is trustworthy, and a good man to lead our country back toward reality and solid footing for a bright future.

    • Tina–great points, especially re the ideas deemed “boneheaded” by the electorate. Humility is a valuable (and rare) trait in politicians.

  5. I think he’s a solid conservative candidate. Who cares about Christie? He’s not really conservative anyway! I am feeling a surge of optimism about the election and it’s because of Perry. I’ve been doing a little research on him online and so far so good. I hope there aren’t too many skeletons in his closet. It seems some of the ones Dems could go after are that he used to be a Democrat, he’s a devout Christian (plus in my book), he wasn’t a genius in college, and he speaks his mind (yes!). I say bring it Perry!

    And I agree with previous poster… we need to hear more about Cain and Santorum. I’m still open and will absolutely support our candidate to ensure he/she gets elected to office.

  6. Perry will be the nominee and will win the election. End of story…

    Zilla – you have a “pause” button? Damn! I need one of those…

    Quite R – Perry has lots of problems, the whole Muslim thing being just one.

    Just a Conservative Girl – Bwwwhaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!

  7. I think Ann Coulter and Christie should just rent a hotel room and get it over with. Then she can finally leave the rest of us alone with her delusions.

    • Christie was hospitalized recently. The health thing would be an issue if he ran. I like him but would rather he just stay as NJ governor.

      Ann Coulter is a New Yorker, so they think the world revolves around that area of the country. Plus she is very liberal socially from what I have seen lately.

      • I like Christie, too, but think he needs to finish his term before playing on the national stage.

      • He was treated for asmtha. Not exactly cancer. I am not saying it can’t be serious, but it is easily controlable.

        I could care less about his or any other candidate suffering from that. What I care about is he is a New England big government republican.

      • Ditto, JACG.

  8. I’m not crazy about Perry’s “Let’s educate schoolkids about Muslims and Muslim ‘wisdom’ ” thing.

    Here’s a Perry quote: “traditional Western education speaks little of the influence of Muslim scientists, scholars, throughout history, and for that matter the cultural treasures that stand today in testament to their wisdom.”

    I’m tired of Ramadan dinners at the White House where the president explains why Ground Zero was really a tragedy for Muslims (2011) and we ought to have a mosque at Ground Zero (2010).

    • QR, I’m with you to a point. I will read the Salon piece in the morning when I’ve had a fresh cup of coffee. But GW hosted the Ramadan dinners, too…
      Will we ever find a viable candidate who is as clean as driven snow? No. I’m sure there will be things about Perry I don’t like, including the WSJ piece re crony capitalism yesterday.

  9. What do you mean “challenge Romney”? Romney is NOT the “front runner” as shown by his hilariously bad performance in the Ames Straw Poll. My candidate of choice, Rick Santorum got triple the votes Romney did and RS finished 4th! Bachmann won.

    Chris Christie is a dangerous islamocoddler, I don’t care what he or delusional Ann Coulter says, the proof is out there and I’ve now written about it twice at my blog as has Sultan Knish. We cannot afford to have another president who is cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood (who have publicly stated that their mission is to destroy the United States)!

    Now onto Perry who looks good, BUT, he is apparently neck deep in the scandal of textbooks in Texas indoctrinating children for islamic supremacists by whitewashing the jihad. Can’t have that.
    I will vote for whoever the nominee is, even if it is someone I can’t stand, because it is crucial that Obama not get a second term, but I really wish people would stop letting the MSM and RNC RINO machine tell them who the “front runner” is, if you listen to them, you wouldn’t even know that Rick Santorum and Herman Cain were running and you might think that Michelle Bachmann was “the queen of rage” (she’s not). Remember, this is the same MSM that wanted you to believe that Jared Loughner, the far left lunatic who killed all those people in Tuscon, was a Sarah Palin fan.

    I am hoping that Rick Perry turns out to be less dhimmified than what I have read, because he does have that whole JOBS thing going for him, he is nice looking, charming and can walk that “Presidential” talk that the masses swoon for. But he will also have some stank to shake off himself because he has a record of being very squishy on CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS and we cannot have that.

    On policy alone, Rick Santorum truly is the best candidate, I can provide tons of links proving that, and his campaign got a big boost yesterday. The primaries are still a ways away, there is time for him to move up and he’s gaining momentum.

    Romney is no front runner though, the proof is in the pudding. Don’t believe the hype. See my post Do You Want America’s Future Decided by the MSM or by The People? for more information about that whole “front runner” business.

    Sorry I wrote so much, I just woke up and haven’t found my head’s “pause”button yet. You’re the first grown up I’ve talked to today, everyone here but my 4 year old are asleep right now. 🙂

    • No offense but the straw poll is a joke. It’s a beauty contest, nothing more.

    • Zilla, Romney is still the frontrunner in national polls. I think Ames is a bit of a joke even though I like Bachmann. I don’t think she can win. I know she can’t win. A lot of that has to do with her husband, in my eyes.

      I like Santorum, but he was damaged by losing the last Senate race. If you can’t win statewide Senate races, how can you win national office? On policy, he is likely the closest, but he doesn’t have the same level of executive experience.

      And never apologize for writing too much, friend! I understand about grownup talk and sleeping families (that’s when I’m able to write the most!) ; )

    • Honestly, my biggest beef with Perry is the Guardasil debacle.

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