What GOP voters are still searching for a candidate?

Besides the WSJ op-ed writers, the token “conservative” at the NYT and Ann Coulter?

None that I know. Funny, how that works, isn’t it?

I’m jazzed about Perry and realized something powerful talking to a neighbor who questioned Perry’s bona fides because he used to be a Democrat and even supported Gore’s failed presidential bid. In some ways, I think Perry–much like Reagan–is a better spokesman for conservatism than “cradle” Republicans. Why?  Each man had to argue to himself his own conversion. As a result, you’ll find no mention of GW’s “compassionate conservatism” from Perry.

I can’t argue with Perry’s record. He’s sharp. Willing to admit mistakes. Quick on his feet. Blunt. Pro-business. Pro-life. Anti-big government. Neither Romney nor a RINO.

What more can a girl ask of her candidate?


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