What will it take to deem unionized state-run schools a total failure?

This stings:

For many students, getting a high school diploma doesn’t mark the end of a high school education.

Three out of four graduates aren’t fully prepared for college and likely need to take at least one remedial class, according to the latest annual survey from the nonprofit testing organization ACT, which measured half of the nation’s high school seniors in English, math, reading and science proficiency.

Only 25 percent cleared all of ACT’s college preparedness benchmarks, while 75 percent likely will spend part of their freshman year brushing up on high-school-level course work. The 2011 class is best prepared for college-level English courses, with 73 percent clearing the bar in that subject. Students are most likely to need remedial classes in science and math, the report says.

What is the point of having a high school diploma if it means nothing? Oh, I forgot, students cannot be held back for the lack of learning or in the absence of doing coursework. Might damage fragile egos. Oddly enough, I think the realization of a meaningless education might do more to damage one’s self esteem, but what do I know?

75% of state-run unionized schools are incapable of doing college-level coursework. Why they are admitted in the first place isn’t a puzzle: the longer a college or university can keep a student paying for classes that never earn credit, the more money said college makes. Cynical, yes, but true.

As far as 73% of students not needing remedial English: since colleges have long since abandoned basic grammar compliance, i.e. subject-verb agreement, in favor of multiculti descriptivist grammar, English 101 means nothing.

Much like that high school diploma.

Disingenuous Obama hack statement:

“These ACT results are another sign that states need to raise their academic standards and commit to education reforms that accelerate student achievement,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Tuesday.

What education reforms would Duncan have you believe are happening? After all, he’s granting waivers to schools as an exemption from No Child Left Behind standards.

Solutions? Stop pouring more money into schools as it only feeds the union beast. Starve the beast, then crush it.

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3 Responses

  1. Once State budgets are fixed, Republican governors next have to put out a full court press for school vouchers. We need to break up the teacher’s unions and give parents free market options.

  2. I actually don’t have a huge problem with NCLB waivers. It was a stupid program that did little to actually improve education, just put schools in the position to cheat.

    NCLB was one of my biggest compliants with Bush.

  3. […] to work (as in, you can’t be forced to unionize to be a teacher – Political Junkie Mom might find that of […]

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