“He doesn’t tell people to have hope; he tells them to get going.”

So says Economist writer Erica Grieder of Rick Perry, after covering the Governor for four years in Texas. Intriguing, no? Ask not for Obama money, but get off yer duff. Grieder counts the ways Perry isn’t GW:

He’s conservative. Really. Bush rose to prominence as a kind of right-wing Bill Clinton, a political triangulator who would build the base and reshape the Republican brand via “compassionate conservatism.” His presidency brought an expansive new federal education law, No Child Left Behind, as well as a costly new prescription drug benefit under Medicare.

Perry has explicitly rejected this path. As governor, for the most part, he has met budget shortfalls with cuts. He is a staunch critic of federal programs such as No Child Left Behind, on the grounds that they are intrusive.

In his 2010 book “Fed Up!” he was explicit: “The branding of compassionate conservatism meant that the GOP was sending the wrong signal that conservatism alone wasn’t sufficient or, worse yet, was somehow flawed and had to be rebranded.”

But is he walking back from his fire-in-the-belly conservatism now that he’s on the national stage? The WSJ today has a short piece on how much less “Fed Up” Perry seems on the campaign trail. (Then again, the WSJ seems to be doing all it can to ensure Perry doesn’t gain any more momentum.)

H/t: Hot Air headlines


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  1. Plus the WSJ is so looking for a more polished & refined candidate according to Politico today http://t.co/P5lAPht

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