Twain, Eliot, Melville, Dickens, Austen, Hawthorne, Ellison: Reason 10,015 to homeschool

That’s just off the top of my head, but there are more: Harper Lee, Bronte, Bronte, Wharton and Swift.

So much literature, so little time for summer reading. I recall summer reading lists of yore, good reads all. But that wasn’t the case in a New Jersey school district where teachers, librarians and school administrators recommended smut for students, which was then approved by the board. Ready for this? Via FoxNews:

One book, “Norwegian Wood,” was on a list for incoming sophomores in an honors English class. The book includes a graphic depiction of a lesbian sex scene between a 31-year-old woman and a 13-year old girl, according to a report first published in the Gloucester County Times. 

Not just smut, but illicit and illegal. Nice.

The other book in question was “Tweak (Growing up on Methamphetamines).” That book included depictions of drug usage and a homosexual orgy. 

“That has created a controversy,” Earling told Fox News Radio, referring to the drug usage – along with the lesbian and gay sex scenes. “We’ve pulled them from our summer reading list.” 

Can you imagine engaging students in class discussion? Oh, Suzy, did the depiction of statutory rape bother you? Whoopsie! Let’s all keep an open mind!

I’m not sure which bothers me more, that the books were on the list or this:
The superintendent said students have seen more graphic things on television or in the movies – and noted that only about a dozen people actually complained. 
I’m trying to chalk that up to the fact that very few kids actually do their summer reading.
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  1. I saw that New jeresey school district article and I was shocked, even for a jaded New Yorker like myself. We don’t feel competent to do home schooling, but no way is he going to public schools. It’s sickening what’s out there.

    • Manny, You’re a smart man. I would guess Mrs. Manny to be your equal in that regard. You’re both more than competent. You just have to tell yourself you want to do it. That’s the hurdle ; ) You have a little time yet.

    • You may not FEEL competent to do home schooling, but you are!
      Quick test: Can you say YES to the following two questions…
      Do you love your child?
      Do you love learning?
      That’s about all that you need to get started.
      You can learn the rest as you go.

      BTW my oldest son has been to public, private, and parochial schools. He is now home schooled. I am a firm believer that the parents know what is the best environment for their children. So maybe home school isn’t the best choice for your family, but please don’t rule it out as a choice because you don’t feel competent. There is a lot of support out there to help you feel confident about your competence! 🙂

  2. So now we’re selecting summer reading using the lowest possible bar as a standard – if its in the movies or on TV, its okay. Nice. I guess that the superintendent assumes parents allow their middle school and high school kids to watch R and X movies? Because I can assure you that my middle school child has NOT seen “more graphic things” on television (none here at home) or in the movies (PG with the occasional PG-13). I know, I’m so quaint.

    • @TmT. No lie re lowering the bar to the floor. And maybe we are the “quaint” few who wouldn’t allow our kids to see that kind of thing–or read it, for that matter. Crazy stuff.

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