Ideologically slippery? Oh, please David Brooks, go find a pants crease to admire

David Brooks laments Perry’s rise and that he’s obviously not “a summer fad.” He wants Romney to fight, but his brilliant line of attack has drawbacks for people who live in glass houses:

First, Romney could accuse Perry of being the latest iteration of Tom DeLay Republicanism. On the one hand, he is ideologically slippery. The man who sounds so right wing today was the Texas chairman of the Al Gore for President campaign in 1988.

Ideologically slippery, eh? Given Reagan’s former life as a Democrat, I can’t believe this has any traction as Perry realized during the course of the late 80s that the Democratic Party left him behind. He wasn’t a liberal. I have much more faith in a conversion like that–of the re-evaluation of core beliefs–than I do of former pro-choice Governor Romney suddenly seeing the light before running for President. Ideologically slippery, indeed. Once a RINO, always a RINO.

So please, Mittens, bring on a fight like this one. It will be fun to watch.


One Response

  1. Brooks repeats the falsehood that Perry was the TX Chairman for Gore. Not true!

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