“His name is Jill, and she’s three.”

Once again, “genderlessness” is as much of a construct as gender, and through the imposition of their own ideal, liberals have opened Pandora’s box.

Repeat after me: gender is not a construct. 

Via Nancy French at NRO, another experiment in genderlessness from an exchange at the park with another mother:

“I’m going to raise her as gender-neutrally as possible and let him decide which gender she prefers at the age of eight.”  (Oh, eight . . . that’s when my son dug up our yard one square foot at a time, because he was convinced he’d find buried treasure.)

Does this include deciding which restroom to use, or will all public bathrooms be unisex by that time? This trendy upstate New Yorkers joins the genderless preschool in Sweden and the parents of baby Storm who force children into something inherently unnatural.

My three-year-old plays with dolls, yes. Dirt, cars and blocks, too. I consider it a bonus that she knows she wants to be a mommy, not a daddy, and that daddys don’t have babies because “their numnums don’t work” (i.e. dads can’t nurse babies).  See how easy this is? Genderbending into androgyny won’t solve any problems for the less than one percent. But it creates myriad problems for everyone.

French writes:

Why worry about the deviant sexual philosophies of liberals in New York and Sweden? Because it’s also coming to a neighborhood near you. This Good Morning America segment, for example, about an Ohio boy named Jack, who preferred to be called Jackie:

When Jackie was just ten years old, she went to her mom, crying. “I’m a girl and I can’t do this anymore,” Jackie said. Without hesitation, Jennifer said, “It’s gonna be okay.” There was no judgment or disappointment. Jackie’s family abandoned the pronoun “he.” At first, they only let her wear girls clothing at home, but eventually allowed her to live as a girl full-time, at school and elsewhere. When asked, Jackie’s father John says he has two daughters.

The Huffington Post lauds the parents’ decision in its article about the child, which begins, “Turns out there are parents in the news who do the right thing.” In fact, only his grandfather showed concern about allowing the boy to indulge in his feminine side. “I can not accept that a nine- or ten-year-old can make decisions for himself that will be life lasting,” he told GMA.

He’s right, but frowned upon by being oh-so antiquated in his thinking. I can’t help but think of the young man whose parents were convinced by doctors to raise him as a girl after a botched circumcision. He struggled his entire life. They told him. He struggled more. He committed suicide. Allowing a child to freely flow in a no-man’s-land of genderlessness isolates rather than liberates. 

As I combed Borders Tuesday for any remaining children’s books, I noted the only one left in multiples: My Princess Boy. I was relieved. 

H/t: Pundette.

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  1. […] week Political Junkie Mom had an interesting post about “genderless” children.  This is how her entry ends: As I combed Borders Tuesday for any remaining children’s books, I noted the only one left in […]

  2. What I think is so disturbing about this trend is that its almost exclusively being perpetrated on little boys. I’ve yet to read or hear about a girl child who is being encouraged to be genderless. Its very creepy that people feel the need to take the smallest things (boys playing with dolls etc.) and use them as some justification for using their children as social experiments.

  3. It’s a mother and a father’s duty to their child to provide a good role model for their child and to reign them in if they start to pattern after the wrong sex. A parent may think they’re being cutting edge by indulging their young child’s whims but they are actually guilty of dereliction of duty in this regard.

    As noted by an earlier poster, some parents like the attention they receive (akin to Munchausen syndrome) and steer their child into patterning after the opposite sex, or even into an androgynous limbo.

    I’ve witnessed a couple destroy their child, all because of their selfish desires to produce a “super-child”. They thought themselves so wise they could transcend the boundaries of the “construct” of “gender” . Their child is now a mutilated mess. Shame on them and the so-called psychologists and surgeons who see a profitable buck in pandering to this destructive fad of “gender-bending”.

    There are only two sexes – male and female – with chromosomes to match. Gender is a term of grammar referring to a word being masculine, feminine, or neuter. Camille Paglia is correct in thinking environmental influence is behind this current craze.

  4. One question. If a DNA sample were taken would the results be XX or XY? And yes it is that simple. Of course I believe in objective reality.

  5. Another thought: Prince and Princesses are individuals who are grounded in PRINCIPLES.

  6. The child decided, who has no informed consent until the age of majority at eighteen or twenty one, because he does not process information as an adult, that he does not like being a boy. Is he free to change his mind ever again? Freedom. It seems the problem with progressives is that they do not inculcate the concept of freedom in their children. Liberals inculcate the idea of license, but they are not free to be decent.

  7. You know, it is one thing to support your child if they at some point come to the conclusion that they are gay or transsexual ON THEIR OWN as I have known lots of people who “knew’ since they were little that they weren’t heterosexual, but it is something else entirely to ENSURE that your child does not feel comfortable in the gender that God gave them. That to me seems abusive.
    I have a boy and a girl, the girl is girly but also likes to play with trucks and knows more about dinosaurs than most adults (including their proper scientific names and she’s only six years old!), and the boy is rough & tumble and very male all on his own, but he likes his sisters dolls sometimes and has fun strutting around in his sister’s dress up shoes (before he kicks them off to climb atop the highest piece of furniture and dive off of it!), and I’m FINE with that, they are little kids, let them play! But the girl knows that she is a girl and the boy knows that he is a boy, there is nothing wrong with that. If at some point when they are older they come to me and tell me that they might be gay, they will continue to get my love and support, because they are my babies, but there is nothing wrong with raising them as the girl and boy that God decided they would be.
    The boy isn’t “gender confused” if he tucks sister’s baby dolls in for naps, he is acting like DADDY, and he isn’t ‘gender confused’ if he tries on ladies shoes, because he tries on Daddy’s giant work boots too, he is just a little kid who likes to play and there’s nothing wrong with that. The girl isn’t masculine if she likes the fact that she is physically very strong for her tiny size, it is good to be strong no matter what equipment is in your pants.
    These are LITTLE KIDS we are talking about, why not just let them be LITTLE KIDS and stop projecting one’s one issues onto them? That’s what these ‘genderless’ parents are doing, they have something in their heads and are forcing it onto their kids which is going to mess those kids up in the long run. They see a girl pick up a truck or a boy pick up a doll and make ASSunptions about the child’s sexuality, forgetting that they are CHILDREN who like to play with toys, any toys, and that part of growing up is using your imagination, and just because you might pretend that you are the opposite sex in a game does not necessarily mean that you want to be that permanently!
    How many little girls played house with their little girlfriends and had to take turns pretending to be Daddy but grew up to become moms? I’d wager lots of them.

    I have to stop coming over here before I have my coffee, for some reason, the great posts you put up here are prone to triggering rants from me when I am not yet fully awake. 😉

    • Oh, MJ, laughing about you and coffee. That’s why I don’t read anything sans the cup of joe (or probably because I couldn’t read sans the cup of joe!)
      I agree with your point about kids and play–boys can act like Daddy in tucking dolls in–and about girls being strong and able. You are right about childhood being a period of exploration–of careers and likes and dislikes. But I can’t imagine that exploration without the grounding of knowing something so basic.

  8. I saw My Princess Boy too. I don’t think too many kids of either sex will find that book engaging. It’s probably destined for classrooms.
    I don’t think there is much to worry about. Honestly, I know a number of lesbian moms who will not raise their children “genderless”. What I do worry about is boys and girls not learning to be real men and women.
    Jackie boy from Good Morning America obviously has a problem. In all honesty I don’t know what I would do if my son had come to me and said that he wants to be a girl. I’m pretty certain it won’t happen.

    • In truth, I don’t know, either. Hormones? Imbalance? I was intrigued by the theory a few years ago that women who have more than 3 boys are more likely to produce gay offspring by the 3rd because her body will attack the male fetus in utero and bombard him with feminizing hormones. If that were the case, is it necessary to bolus a pregnant woman with testosterone in the same way I have to have a gamma globulin?

      • Interesting. I never heard about the 3rd boy theory. We don’t know what causes homosexuality. It could be biological, it could be environmental, it could be both.
        Camille Paglia subscribes to more or less standard Freudian explanation that it’s family dynamics. I doubt “genderless” upbringing can cause homosexuality. It’s a recent phenomena, and children learn so much about sex from each other. A week after DD started pre-school she refused to wear pants.

      • From what I remember (and I’m a biology geek), the theory arose as a result of studies that showed a higher incidence of homosexuality among boys who were 3rd born (or more). The hypothesis: mothers generate more estrogen in subsequent boy pregnancies because her body would attack the “foreign” testosterone. It’s interesting on many levels. I have no doubt the femininization of males has something to do with being bombarded by estrogens–peed out pill, greater prevalence of soy, etc.

        As for a genderless upbringing, I don’t think it would cause homosexuality, just a load of unnecessary angst and anguish for the kid.

        Intrigued about your DD–I have a friend whose daughter is the same–won’t wear pants for any reason, even in extreme cold.

  9. So sad. Poor helpless kids.

    Funny, how, on the one hand, it’s good to support Jackie’s girl-like tendencies, which ostensibly came from within, not from gender-bending experimentation.

    But what about this Jill? What’s her/his natural tendencies? They didn’t even want to find out. They muck that poor child up and guarantee confusion, rather than letting the child be who God made her/him.

    • You make an excellent point–it’s only good to entertain what comes from within if it fits within the confines of liberal orthodoxy and worldview.

  10. These Libs are morons, at least those who advocate this. I’m just flabbergasted that people would do this to their children.

  11. “8” is such an arbitrary number. One wonders why the caretaker (wouldn’t want to insult mothers and fathers by ascribing gender to the poor child’s caretaker) declares “8” to be an age appropriate for the kinder to decide whether to be a boy or a girl? Which religion or philosophy uses 8 as a legal number?

    Jill’s caretaker is flirting with child abuse. The person is engaging in psycho-Münchausen syndrome by proxy. If there is any justice, Child Protective Services will step in and begin to stop this in extreme examples. Otherwise, in about 20 or 30 years we’ll see a backlash by the adult children of these self-centered people who think it’s ok to play head games with innocent, normal children to further their own neurotic fantasies,

    • Seriously. At eight years old, I wanted to be a ballerina, an astronaut, a scientist, a doctor, a famous baseball player, a superhero and magician, all in the same week, and the next week it would be a bunch a different things! 8 years old is far too young to determine who you will be for the rest of your life, heck, think of all the 18 year olds that can’t even choose a major for college!
      Many of us go through our twenties still unsure of who exactly we are or what we will do for the rest of our lives.
      There was even a point for a few weeks in my childhood where I wished I was a boy, because boys got to do things that girls could not back then, like play baseball instead of lame softball and real hockey instead of ‘field hockey’ and stuff like that, it didn’t mean I was gay or transsexual, and thank goodness my mom and dad didn’t take it as a cue to start calling me Mark instead of Marianne! It would have been wrong to do to me then and it is wrong to do it to little kids now.

      • So true! Boy Scouts got to go camping in tents – Camp Fire Girls had to sleep in bunk beds in large cabins.

        When I was about 10, I wanted to be a monk. And I’d never even visited the Catholic church! As it turned out, all it indicated about my future life was a longing for God-centered rural living….

        Speaking of God, thank God that most of sex & gender is inborn and will out in the long run. We can pray these kids suffering from such poor parenting will find genuine role models that help them overcome their raising.

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