Numbers (or: why the post office needs to close, now)

80, 53, 32: The labor costs as a percentage of expenses at the Post Office, UPS, and FedEx. Can you guess which one isn’t unionized?

The USPS will go under this winter sans a bailout. What no one mentions: it has operated under a taxpayer bailout forever. A private business could never run like this. Why?

the agency is so low on cash that it will not be able to make a $5.5 billion payment due this month and may have to shut down entirely this winter unless Congress takes emergency action to stabilize its finances.

$5.5 billion. That’s not the end of the red ink: $9.2 billion for the year.

Can you hear it now? The Post Office is closing! The Post Office is closing! Never let a crisis go to waste! AJ Strata says privatize. I’m inclined to agree, especially after this number: $4.3 million, or the amount which the Post Office pays employees to sit around and do nothing. Government work: somebody’s gotta not do it, right? At least the number shrank, right?

Why hasn’t Saturday delivery been eliminated yet? Why haven’t extraneous post offices been closed? Why are employees paid to do nothing?!

I loathe going to our local Post Office. Wait an eternity to deal with a snarling employee who acts as if he’s doing me a favor. One woman has fingernails so long (the curling kind) that she cannot type. Only a unionized gal could get away with it. I discovered a business–a real one, mind you–a short walk away where I can send packages via regular mail, UPS or FedEx. I’m presented with a cost comparison! There’s a small coloring table for kids while parents wait! All all the addresses to which I’ve sent packages are saved, so if in the event I forget to bring it on a mad dash to mail a birthday present–voila!–no worries. This is the magic of the private sector.

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  1. As a person who worked in direct mail marketing for more than a decade the waste goes so much further than you can imagine. The amount of people doing the same job is amazing. The regs are written in a way that it all depends on which post office you go to whether it will be accepted or not. I have had mailings that were accepted at one post office and turned down at another!!! It was the same mailing, what was the difference?

    The most frustrating part of doing direct mail fundraising is dealing with the post office.

  2. Oh shoot. You just reminded me with this blog. I got to pay the bills! LOL, I forgot with the Labor Day holiday.

    • LOL. I had to do that this afternoon, too. I contribute to the postal demise as we do all our banking online. Hope you had a restful weekend!

      • Thank you. A mixed weekend for me. Actually it was Matthew’s second birthday. That was great and I’ll try to post some pictures shortly. But I had water in the basement from Hurricane Irene and I had to see what I could salvage.

      • Hurray on Matthew’s birthday! Fun! And BOO on the basement. Hope there wasn’t too much damage, Manny.

  3. Let’s put our money where our mouth is this Christmas and ship via FedEx. No union support. They’re more expensive but… It’s worth it?

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