Proof of an alternative reality

Old Tingles says Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Dare I say it, Obama will be the next while proclaiming the true essence of its collective glory?

From the Daily Caller:

Betcha didn’t see this one coming.

On MSNBC’s Thursday broadcast of “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews committed the mortal sin — he nearly parroted the theory that mortified so many of the network’s hosts and guests throughout the day. Matthews called Social Security “a Ponzi scheme” the day after Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry doubled down on his previous statements echoing that sentiment in the Republican debate  (h/t Matt Lewis)

Matthews first put forth what he thought Social Security was originally intended to be: “You pay for it while you work. When you retired and have no other form of income, this will help you out. In fact, a lot were impoverished in the old days without Social Security. It’s a great anti-poverty program. But then people started to live past 65. Even the great Franklin Roosevelt didn’t make it to 65. In those days, if you made it to 65, you were lucky. You got a few bucks on Social Security.” (RELATED: Has Chris Matthews lost his mind?)

Then he put forth what it has become: “Today, lots of people fortunately make it past 65,” he said. “They live into their 80s and 90s. They’re still getting checks. The system doesn’t work that way anymore. It’s not as healthy as it once was. So, how does a Republican deal with the fact it is a Ponzi scheme in the sense that the money that’s paid out every day is coming from people who have paid in that day. It’s not being made somewhere.”

It’s not being made somewhere. Is this some sick joke?


Seize the opportunity, Republicans. If Chris Matthews can see the Ponzi scheme, so can the rest of America.

Perry’s in. Bachmann’s in. Romney’s the odd man out here.



2 Responses

  1. Romney, like BO and Huntsman, is playing by the old, pre-2008 playbook. The trouble is that this is NOT pre-2008, the world and the country have changed. The political landscape has changed. The American people have waken up and can see clearly what these antiquated (yes, only since 2008) political moves, lies, and games have cost this country. No more lies, no more political wrangling to further “the party” (whichever one) or the personal power and fortunes of a few.

    Personally, I hope Romney keeps singing this song. I loathe him and wouldn’t mind seeing him beat by a better man (or woman 😉 ).

    • FUZI! FUZI! FUZI! Ok, I got that out. Can’t tell you how excited I was to see you around. I missed that you posted yesterday. (Hugs).

      Agree that the playbook has changed–as has everything else. And dittos on the loathing for Romney. I’m still in awe that he keeps coming back.

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