One of my greatest irritants in the past few weeks: those who dismiss Perry because he doesn’t know the minutiae of every supposed policy position out there. Granted, Presidents must have a strong grasp of events and problems. But there’s a difference between being a generalist and throwing one’s self so deeply in the weeds that tangles are inevitable.

Obama the Ivy League savior was supposed to be able to wonk his way through the White House. If you haven’t yet noticed, it didn’t work, in part because his vision of America–one of cutting it down to size–doesn’t inspire people other than our enemies.

Perry, on the other hand, believes in the promise of this country and believes that we can again be that shining city on a hill. We can create jobs to employ our own people. We can be a prosperous nation again. That’s the kind of vision necessary to guide a Presidency. If our President again believes in the greatness of America, we can, too.

Ed Morrissey calls it “substantively weak,” but I agree with Pundette:

I think it’s devastating, hammering home the sad irony that the president of Hope-and-Change has brought so much failure and despair

But it isn’t surprising given that’s what he wanted: to reduce us somehow so we were like everyone else. 



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