So what if Christie reconsiders?

First, I admit to being a Christie fan. As the Governor of New Jersey, he has zealously taken on unions and fought to win.

That said, I agree with Allahpundit:

Anyway: Explain to me again why he’d supposedly be such a gangbusters candidate in the primary. He is, to be sure, a supremely gifted messenger on entitlements and public-employee unions, and he’s already accomplished something significant vis-a-vis the latter. Beyond that, what’s the argument for his candidacy? He’s been governor for just two and a half years, he believes in global warming, he’s questionable on guns, he seems to support comprehensive immigration reform, he backed Castle over O’Donnell (RINO!), etc. That’s not to say he can’t win — if we were willing to nominate McCain, we could nominate Christie — but I’m not sure why anyone thinks he’d necessarily settle far north of, say, 25 percent. He’d be dynamite at the debates, but the debates don’t matter much except to hardcore political junkies like you and me. Why risk running now and flaming out instead of staying put as governor, building a record, and then steamrolling into the 2016 primaries when he wouldn’t have to face a Democratic incumbent in the general?

He would be golden–just like Perry was–until asked about global warming, Second Amendment rights and Shamnesty plans.

And then folks like me would be left feeling jilted at the dance all over again.

I’ve long thought that Palin’s chances were destroyed. But unlike Perry, she thinks through (and posts on her Facebook page. Ha!) Obama administration policy positions and clarifies her own response. Detailed response. We can’t get that from Perry, and I’m wondering if we ever will.

What say you? Christie? Palin? Will someone else run or will Romney run away with this even though no one wants to vote for him?


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, I feel the same puzzlement. It’s frustrating. Perry really ruined things with his “heartless” garbage. Bachman the same over vaccines. Romney sounds good lately, but how to trust him with the RINO stuff in his past?

    Palin is stronger than most people think, but I doubt she’ll run. Staying out of elections has been too good for her. Who could blame her for staying out and racking in the income instead?

    Herman Cain, maybe?


  2. Let me add, I dig Chris Christie. He’s a solid guy and would do a great job. But he’s not as conservative as he seems. He’s about the same as Romney.

  3. Fuzzy is right. Christie is not as conservative as the media portrays. I live in NYC and work in New Jersey. I get to see the details. In fact in the republican primary he was the moderate, not the conservative. It’s only after he got elected did he burst out with that personailty. No one ever thought he was like this.

  4. He also doesn’t recognize the threat from radical Islam.

    I’m just so depressed, honestly, by the crap that seems available to run against BO. They’re all rather like him in far too many ways.

    At this point, I’m starting to think that we may indeed need Sarah to run. She’d be able to inspire the base, and as far as I know, she doesn’t support eliminating any Constitutional rights or using taxpayer money to provide a college degree for illegals.

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