Meet Landon

And pray for him and his mom both. Via Facebook:

“Meet Landon. His father, Marine LCPL Carpenter, gave his life defending our country in Afghanistan earlier this year, a month before he was born. Never forget the price of freedom.”

Never forget. Oh, the burn of tears!

When you’re a military wife, you’re related to all other military wives. It could be by blood by the time you’re through 20 years–if, of course, you make it that long. Because you’re never as removed from someone else’s shoes as you’d like to be. I attended a memorial service a few weeks ago for a fallen soldier, and I could not look at the picture of his wife and kids without wet eyes. I never met him. But I know him. I know him because he–like all the others–is no different than my own husband. They fight together. They can die together.

How many other married couples routinely talk of death? Have all the legal ducks in a row. Have detailed Power-of-Attorney and wills. Worry that if something happened to you when your husband deploys, what would happen to your kids until out-of-state grandparents could arrive? There’s another form for that, a Limited Power-of-Attorney to give to a neighbor, a friend.

Funny what you think about as a military wife sometimes, when your thoughts are never far removed from the pain of extended family–your family-in-arms–and friends.

Pray for Landon. And his mama. I know a young lady just like her. Or two. Or three.


2 Responses

  1. My prayers to the fallen hero, the mother, and Landon. May mother and child be blessed through life.

    • Thanks, Manny. I can’t look at the pic without crying. There are far too many kids without dads because of the GWOT. And far too many who don’t appreciate the sacrifices made upon their behalf.

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