Romney’s “crowning achievement” more than a blueprint for Obamacare

Who will repeal Obamacare? The one whose state mandate to purchase insurance provided Obama administration hacks not only the blueprint but also worked for Obama to get ‘er done?

The Romneycare bill rests next to Mitt's knee. His wife apparently approves, too.

From  NBC:

“The White House wanted to lean a lot on what we’d done in Massachusetts,” said Jon Gruber, an MIT economist who advised the Romney administration on health care and who attended five meetings at the Obama White House in 2009, including the meeting with the president. “They really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.”

So what, Romneycare advisors met with Obamacare advisors. Big deal?

You betcha. Ed Morrissey says “uh oh”:

Rick Perry and other Republicans have attacked Mitt Romney for providing the “blueprint” for ObamaCare, which Romney has successfully rebutted — at least until now.  NBC’s report shows that if Romney and his team didn’t provide the blueprint, the argument can be made that the Romney’s team provided at least some direction to Obama and his team.

These weren’t just offhand contacts, either.  Besides meeting with Obama himself, Gruber also met with economic adviser Larry Summers, OMB chief Peter Orzsag, and Obama’s point person on health care reform, Nancy-Ann DeParle.  Most significantly, these meetings resulted in a contract for $380,000 to produce federal legislation based on Gruber’s work in Massachusetts.  Two other Romney aides met several times at the White House on the same topic.

A $380,000 contract, eh? Sweet!

Contrary to every politically expedient thing rushing from his mouth, Mitt Romney is not the man who will repeal Obamacare.

Ann Coulter still swears up and down that immigration is a bigger deal for Perry than Romneycare is for Mitt. I beg to differ.


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