We are the 53%

I could read these for hours and never grow tired of the determination, grit and work ethic of the people pictured.

A few favorites:

And this one. This one, too.

My mother used to explain her love for Limbaugh because he gave voice to her own thoughts and feelings that she thought no one else shared. It was a revelation to realize she wasn’t alone in her conservatism.

That’s kinda how I feel now. Go read and have a little faith restored.

Linked by Pundette as a “Recommended Read.” Thanks!


9 Responses

  1. Fabulous. I linked back.

  2. […] Did you hear about this site?  Thanks to pjMom. […]

  3. What a Web site! The 53ers stories caused me to review my life in a new light. We sure have a lot to be proud of.

  4. I’ve enjoyed them too, and even added my own. Unfortunately, I think they are overwhelmed with responses right now, and getting backlogged. The funny thing I noticed, is a theme from the lefty comments on the individual photos. They tended to say something about “oh they are playing victim,” and “look I’m a martyr,” because they don’t understand.

    These people aren’t complaining. They are bragging. We are proud of our hard work.


    • “These people aren’t complaining. They are bragging.”
      So true. Each one is a success story.

      • Funny how liberals bring out the best in people–through their anger, eh? If only the morons demanding free education and $20/hr jobs knew how stupid they look…

    • It’s easy to take pride in work ethic. A friend sent me an article recently (since I’m on the Insty higher education bubble watch). One of the top reasons to still go in debt for college was “to find one’s self.” Funny that I think the important truths in life are better discovered working than in school. Paying taxes was an eye-opener for me way back when.

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