Hey, bud, that’s not anarchy.

Get a load of this drivel from one of the founders of the “We are the 99%” website to support the Occupy Whatever Space We Can to Whine for Things We Haven’t Been Handed on a Platter:

I am 28 years old, college educated, full-time job, part-time freelance job, and I volunteer to feed the hungry and needy every Sunday. I live in New York City. I wear a tie to work, unless it’s Friday. I am an anarchist, though my belief is that anarchism should be more about building things up than tearing things down. I am a dedicated pacifist.

What the hell does that mean? Really? I’m an anarchist, but I really really think that big-government socialism building up to save the people is really what anarchy means! We were encouraged at my liberal arts college to redefine everything! So much for that college degree. And pacifist, schmasifist. It’s so peaceful to spit on members of the military. But it’s because we believe in peace!

H/t: Hot Air headlines


One Response

  1. It almost makes my head hurt to listen to these dopes. I can’t believe the stupidity of these stunted adolescents.

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