Know that number. It’s poison control. It’s been 11 years since I’ve had to call it for my firstborn. I had to call it last night for my second. (No cliffhanger – he’s fine).

Take a minute to do an internet search for it and find your local center.  Order the free magnets and stickers.  Maybe even donate (this service is free but run by contributions).  If the time ever should come that you need that number, you’ll be glad you did.

Murphy’s Law of Toddlers #28 states, “A toddler will not learn the skill of twisting open a top to a bottle with the bottled water you have given him.  He will learn that skill when he comes across the lone bottle that escaped your child-proofing scrutiny.  That bottle will contain rubbing alcohol.”

Yes, he ingested some.  Happily he is fearfully and wonderfully made and his little body realized that it was a poison in his system and it came back up in its entirety, along with dinner.  I was on the phone with Poison Control while my husband called EMS to start them rolling just in case.  We avoided a trip to the ER and the trauma of a stomach pumping because we were able to speak to Poison Control.

So, go now and get your stickers.  If you have elderly parents, you can get some information to help them prevent poisoning, too. And after you’ve ordered them, go smooch you child/ren’s cheeks and do another once over in your house for hazards.  I’m a former EMT and car seat safety technician for goodness sake –  safety is my middle name –  but I missed that bottle.  What might you have missed?



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  1. I am looking around the house with fresh eyes today. And thankful little one is ok!

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