Why is the GOP so willing to step into a big pile?


Obama apparently wants to run against Romney. With pics like these floating around, it’s easy to see why. Romney fits the preferred White House narrative perfectly: he epitomizes the 1%. (Ha, as does Obama). With Obama’s warm embrace of the kooks and crazies, he broadcast the direction of the chosen meme. Class warfare all the way, baby.

What strikes me as  odd, however, is the willingness of the establishment GOP to embrace the narrative: how on earth can anyone think the dude who first employed the architect of Obamacare should be the nominee? Why fight on the terms someone else defines?

If Mitt is so “inevitable,” then why has his support–regardless of endorsements–never risen above 30%?

Don’t fall for the guy who isn’t a conservative because you accept narratives crafted by others.

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9 Responses

  1. I actually think Mitt is inevitable. He’s doing well with fundraising, and conservative candidates are not holding their own. I don’t think Cain wants the job, that’s why he’s on his book tour right now and not in Iowa. Romney will probably win NH, and that will solidify support for him.
    I’m not impressed with the field, and at this point no other candidate will enter… Oh well. I’ll vote for Romney — or against Obama… I’d like to see Ryan or Rubio run, which they will the next cycle. [sigh].

    • Yes, that’s the problem, the good young conservatives are not ready to run for president this cycle. I love Rubio but my favorite is actually Scott Walker over in Wisconsin. If he could get re-elected then he’d be presidential material.

  2. Let me say that Perry has repeatedly pulled the religion card in the most despicable of ways – through himself, his minister, and now his wife. If he gets the nomination, I don’t think I can vote for him. When they put down mormons it’s almost the way southerners put down Catholics. I know some of those evangelical bigots. (And that’s not to say evangelicals are any more bigoted than other religions, but I have heard them in particaular speak about Catholics in that fashion.) Plus Perry can’t put two sentences together that are coherent. As far as i’m concerned it’s either Romney, Cain, or Newt. Unfortunately Newt has too much baggage and is a loose cannon, and Cain has absolutely no experience.

    • Manny, question: do you see Perry’s affiliation with southern ministers and evangelicals any different than GW’s? I don’t. As a Catholic, I’m fully aware of where I stand with that group o’ folks, especially living where I do (the home of Focus on the Family, the Navigators and myriad other evangelical organizations) and where I grew up (South). That said, I would rather have a Pres who is grounded in faith. I admit to being highly skeptical of Mormonism in general–as much as I am theologically skeptical of Presbyterians–though it wouldn’t influence my decision to vote for a Jeff Flake because he is conservative. I wouldn’t vote against Mitt because he’s Mormon. I’d vote against him because he’s a shape-shifter in the worst sort of way.

      • PJ, it’s not his affiliation, and I don’t know if Perry is bigoted in any way. I doubt he is, but he sanctioned the use of the religion card. It’s the playing of the religion card that really irked me. It’s a type of politics of ethnic division that I see in NYC. Here it’s the coalencing of evangelicals (God bless evangelicals, I have nothing against them) by isolating mormons, a group that is hated within certain evangelical groups and which it’s easy to spread slander. It’s the political play that bothers me.

      • I forgot to add, I never felt George W. Bush pitted one religion against another. I always felt he had great respect for all religions. Remember his father Bush 41 is an Episcopalean (which is about as close to Catholic that you come from the Protestants) and his brother Jeb converted to Catholicism.

  3. I think they all suck. I will not vote for Romney. I will go and vote for my senator and congressman and leave the rest blank. I am sick and tired of lesser of evils.

    I can get behind virtually anyone else. I have issues with all of them, but I can hold my nose for the balance of the candidates, but I cannot pull the lever for Mitt.

  4. @Lisa, I like Cain but find him problamatic on many levels, especially the “No, Mitt is no conservative,” but “I would be his VP but not Perry’s.” Huh?

  5. Herman Cain! 🙂

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