ABC says dead twice-run over Chinese toddler evidence of moral decay

Heartbreak and anger. Via ABC:

A toddler who was twice run over by vans and then ignored by passers-by on a busy market street died Friday a week after the accident and after days of bitter soul-searching over declining morality in China.

The Guangzhou Military District General Hospital said that the 2-year-old girl, Wang Yue, died of brain and organ failure. “Her injuries were too severe and the treatment had no effect,” intensive care unit director Su Lei told reporters.

The plight of the child, nicknamed Yueyue, came to symbolize what many Chinese see as a decay in public morals after heady decades of economic growth and rising prosperity.

Emphasis my own. I find it laughable that anyone–the writer or the Chinese public at large–could find “decay in public morals” tied to “decades of economic growth and rising prosperity” in a country where female fetuses are slaughtered on such a scale to leave Chinese males without mates. Why bother rescuing a female toddler–she narrowly escaped death in utero and somehow avoided being tossed into a river as medical waste after delivery.

Howard Portnoy found this gem of the man who originally ran her over:

I only need to pay $1,500 if she dies. But if she lives, it would cost ten times more at least.

As if “she” were nothing more than a dog. 

Abortion culls morality, not prosperity. When we cheapen life on such grand scale, two drivers can hit a girl and flee because it’s less-costly if she dies. Passersby can see a small child in a pool of blood without a second thought because they, too, could be found financially culpable for being a Good Samaritan

H/t: Hot Air headlines

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  1. well said, pj. I won’t watch the video, either. Sleep is too important to me.


  2. There’s a Sting song from awhile back titled “Russians”, I think, with the line “I hope the Russians love their children too”. Here in the US, whether we are a “Christian” nation or a “post-Christian” nation or whatnot, most people still have some sort of notion that human life is precious because of the soul and the bit of divinity that each one of us carries. However, the further we stray away from that knowledge, the easier it is to discount the lives of others. When it came to the Russians, the traditional Orthodox Christianity held this to be true, but the Communism that ravaged the land did not. To read in “The Gulag Archipelago”, for example, about people willing to denounce others on totally false charges in order to maybe move up in the queue for a better apartment became the norm. The natural way, I believe, is for humans, at the very least, to love their children. However, it isn’t incredibly difficult for all these other philosophies to really cheapen the value of life. I’m sure, for example, that there were a good number of people thinking that it may have been a blessing, being as she was a girl, and now the parents may be allowed to have another chance at having a boy.

  3. I saw this earlier in the week. Don’t look at the video. It’s horrible. It brought me to tears. The poor girl. All I could say was “my God why?”

    I’m not going to go so far as to say this is a result of any system or culture. Yes, we can jump to the conclusion it has to do with an abortion crazed society or where the individual is not valued. But such horrors happen everywhere. There are people murdered every day in our own country and there have been examples of people ignoring dying people. In our very country we legally allow partial birth abortion, which is the killing of a full term baby. What’s the difference? And the Chinese people themselves are as shocked as anyone at this. This is not an everyday occurrence there. This is one of those horrors the human condition is proned to. Evil has its day everywhere in the world.

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