Sorry, OWS loons, Lech Walesa doesn’t fraternize with the likes of y’all.

I scratched my head in puzzlement this week when the news broke that Lech Walesa supported the Occupy Wall Street movement. Professor Jacobson provides a recap of the sentiment around the ‘net:

Oh my how the supporters of Occupy Wall Street cheered when Lech Walesa, hero of the fight against communism in Poland, announced that he would fly to New York to support the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Brent Budowsky at The Hill was ecstatic:

Great news for the real America. One of history’s great leaders for  jobs, workers and freedom is now supporting the Occupy Wall Street  protest. Lech Walesa has now weighed in, big time, for the good guys.

Just two days ago Budowsky wrote at HuffPo that Walesa’s participation was a sign that OWS was on the verge of becoming a mass movement, 50 Million Will March:

The Occupy Wall Street movement is the authentic heir to John Hancock and Sam Adams, and to historic movements from suffragettes championing the rights of women to Solidarity and Lech Walesa, who supports Occupy Wall Street, championing the rightsof workers.

At the Obama-adoring Esquire, Charles Pierce had a thrill run up his leg:

The fact that Lech Walesa apparently is planning to come to New York to visit the Occupy site is  just about the coolest thing that’s happened since the movement’s reach began  to spread.

And I could go on an on.

Lech Walesa fought against the very thing the OWS loons beg for–socialist big government. Why these people would want a real freedom fighter championing their movement is beyond me. Since the mainstream media won’t cover the fact that socialists, communists, and anarchists populate these stinky camps, Big Government helped out:

When Walesa’s comments hit the AP wire last week, my team immediately reached out to our Polish contacts.  We made the point that the political themes of Occupy Wall Street may have started out with some of the principles that we share, but OWS themes were rapidly being morphed into anti-freedom and anti-liberty messages.  At the core is the want for a big, powerful central government to dominate the lives of individual citizens.

Using plus other news sources, rapidly we painted an accurate picture of the groups training, leading, and organizing the “movement.” The movement is organized by anarchists, Code Pink, the American Communist movement, jihadists, anti-Israel, socialist, and anti- free enterprise interests. OWS folks are politically to the left of President Barack Obama.

At the Lech Walesa Institute Foundation in Warsaw, they were thankful to receive this information.

Based on our discussion and intervention, President Walesa is not going to get involved with the OWS.  He is not comfortable with the “organizations” behind the movement.  It was not a difficult discussion.

The lifetime of good work exercised by President Walesa has lifted people around the world fighting tyranny.  Through the Lech Walesa Institute Foundation in Warsaw, Walesa has supported freedom and liberty around the world.  As a man primarily responsible for vanquishing communism in Poland, Walesa has a personal bent toward helping the underdog and the downtrodden.

Funny that–rich kids demanding free education and $20/hr jobs aren’t truly downtrodden. The underdogs these days are the 53%, the ones who choose to work for goals rather than beg for government handouts.

If the OWS folks paid any attention to news, they would have known Walesa was no friend:

This spring, when President Obama visited Poland, President Walesa refused to meet with him.

Walesa rightly understands the threat Obama poses to freedom. Which is why Obama praises OWS, not Walesa.

UPDATE: No Walesa, but Robin Hood to the rescue! Michelle Malkin’s column today highlights more lunacy from the “Carnival of 1,001 Demands.” Heh. She writes:

We have entered a new phase of the endless Occupy Wall Street sleepover. Not working is hard work. After a month of tying up the police, generating mounds of trash, railing against Jews while holding up “Nazi Bankers” signs, grappling with pervs, rapists and thieves in their ranks, communing with avowed communists, and hobnobbing with 1 percenter celebrities donning 99 percenter costumes (phew!), the Occupiers are rallying around a new mascot:

Robin Hood.

The crime-plagued Carnival of 1,001 Demands is now focused on one unified agenda item: a soak-the-rich tax on financial transactions worldwide. The corporate-bashing Canadian magazine “Adbusters” (funded by left-wing Wall Street trader Robert Halper) initiated the Occupy Wall Street siege last summer and published a new online manifesto this week explaining the call for an October 29 “Robin Hood march”:

“Across the globe the 99 percent are marching! … It’s now time to amp up the edgy theatrics … deviant pranks, subversive performances and playful detournements of all kinds.” There’s been no shortage of deviance, unfortunately, what with protesters defecating on police cars, urinating on each other’s tents, stealing food and phones, and exposing themselves to children. But I digress. As the movement “matures,” the leaders overseeing an unruly mob in Guido Fawkes masks exhorted the masses to “occupy the core of our global system.”

The “Robin Hood” tax would both fund “crucial action against climate change” and “every social program … in the world.”

La-la land must be a glorious place to inhabit. Except for the stink, thieves, and rapists.

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