Does the OWS crowd understand the implications of a free education and guaranteed employment?

The Occupy Whatever Tent You Can crowd demands free higher education and guaranteed $20/hr jobs after completion.

I know where this is possible.


A former student–exchange student–had a free college education. She also has a guaranteed job. Her test scores indicated aptitude for one of the best universities available, the technical school. A bureaucrat decided her course of study given her ability. This predestined her career. No discussion. No option for another major. No choice not to work. That’s what the beneficient government of Belarus decided for her fate and that’s what she now does. She’s happy to make whatever they decide to pay her.

Somehow I don’t think the OWS loons would understand that. Do you?



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  1. […] Political Junkie Mom suggests that I share my family’s experience with free education and a guaranteed job, which happens to be one of the top #Occupy demands.  These demands are very Communist in nature; in fact, Soviet Constitution promised both.  So here’s a few anecdotes. […]

  2. That is a lot more common than you would think, not just in former Commie countries but in western European colleges. Central planning is what is common there and you are not an individual.

  3. @Edge: Explain that to any dope begging for more government intrusion under the premise it’s “help.” They don’t understand why vodka consumption is high as is the suicide rate. Give people freedom and they yearn for bondage.

  4. By all accounts Belarus is a vodka-soaked dictatorial hellhole.
    “Free” education and job placement was the standard across Soviet Union. I put “free” in quotation marks because to get into a prestigious school one had to bribe somebody.
    With this kind of system all sorts of lovely things come in play, like ethnicity, for instance. My uncle wanted to study nuclear physics, but he couldn’t because Jews weren’t allowed to. He was what in the US would be a valedictorian, and he aced all his entrance exams, but no.

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