Bestiality brought to by your public school system: Reason 10,017 to homeschool

Ah, where would we be sans mandatory sex ed? Kids can’t read or write with any degree of clarity, but boy, they’ll sure know how to, um, do it:

New York City 11-year-olds will soon be learning sex education from workbooks that include instruction on “mutual masturbation, French kissing, oral and anal sex, and “intercourse using a condom and an oil-based lubricant.”

Since bestiality and anal sex are among the topics of discussion, a liberal activist will cry foul over this:

Middle school students will be assigned “risk cards” that rate the safety of different activities, the paper says, from French kissing to oral sex.

Why? Well, how dare a teacher say homosexual anal intercourse is less safe than, say, fisting! What a cesspool.

R.S. McCain points out the obvious:

Seriously, if any random stranger tried to talk to kids about stuff that schools teach in sex-ed classes, parents would be calling the cops. It’s just downright creepy to teach this kind of stuff to sixth-graders.

Damn skippy.

3 Responses

  1. I know it. This is the big talk here in NYC. It’s absolutely disgusting. There is no way I’m sending my son to the public school system. Mayor Bloomberg has been a disaster. And the City Council is led by a lesbian activist who is shoving all this and abortion down our throats.

  2. Animal sex abuse is far more common that people realize. Sadly animal crimes get short shrift when it comes to investigation and prosecution, and bestiality cases are often shoved completely under the rug — especially when the perpetrator is a minor.

    There is no known “cure” for bestiality. We don’t know why it happens or often even when it happens. But there’s an extremely high correlation between bestiality and child pornography or other forms of child sexual abuse.

    You may not like the idea of your kids learning about animal sex abuse, but the likelihood is that at some time in their lives they are going to be exposed to it somehow. You will want them to know how to respond when that happens — you will want them to have a safe place to fall when they need to tell you about something unspeakable.

    • Ms. Edwards, it may shock you to realize that the concept of teaching about bestiality would bestow normalcy upon it if it’s discussed along with oral and anal sex, french kissing, and the like. It’s not meant to educate students. It’s meant to morally cripple them in the name of tolerance and open-mindedness

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