“Triplets are dangerous. And you know, if they all survive to term, it takes parents more than 24 hours a day to care properly for three infants.”

So you might as well kill one now, ya know, before you’re changing diapers all day.

That was the sage medical advice given to Jennifer Conley by her doctor, who was apparently undeterred by Conley’s comment that she would not “selectively reduce” her natural triplet pregnancy.

The doctor hadn’t given up, though. “If it developed,” she said, “that one of the babies was threatening the health of the others, would you consider ‘reduction’ at that point?”

Jennifer reiterated her opposition to anything that would harm any of the triplets. “We came out of the office traumatized,” she says. “I don’t think Erin had completely digested what she was saying. Later he called me from work and he was crying.”

Fortunately she and her husband found another doctor, and thankfully they delivered three healthy baby girls at 36 weeks gestation–Jillian, Rebecca and Sarah.

It strikes me, though, that a doctor would dare suggest that caring for three infants be such an impossible task that it would be better to kill one.

But it shouldn’t surprise me. There are mothers out there who can’t bear the thought of changing more than one diaper at a time, so why not?

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  1. […] writes an anguished and anonymous father after witnessing the abortion of two of his triplets in a selective reduction at his wife’s insistence: their round of IVF was a little too successful. This is heartbreaking to read: My wife didn’t […]

  2. How society treats children (and that includes the unborn) is outrageous. I have no idea where we are heading, but every day we have a story like this. It first breaks my heart and then it enrages me.

    • Agreed, Manny. Doctors swear an oath “to do no harm.” It enrages me that anyone–and I’m sure this doc isn’t alone in his beliefs–would suggest this to a patient.

  3. thank you for posting this. Even if it’s one life we save by a repost of this story, then that is one less life lost.

    Jen Conley

    • @Jennifer Conley, thank you for making your story known. Not many would have the courage to discuss openly what happened. Congratulations on the healthy delivery of triplets–at 36 weeks! A friend recently carried twins to 39 weeks, 15 lbs plus of combined birthweight! In awe of you both. Enjoy your beautiful girls and thanks for stopping by–you made my day!

  4. Isn’t it interesting that paid daycare providers routinely offer care to more than three diapered little ones?

    But that’s okay.

    • Seriously, QR. And they aren’t paid well. But I guess it’s ok, because they work in shifts or something, right? They didn’t bear those children themselves. They just didn’t have enough education to be the ones sending their kids to a daycare while they went out to conquer the corporate world or manage hedge funds. Because that’s what’s really more important.

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