“Illegal immigration: For the sake of the children”

That’s the headline of the article at the LA Times. No joke.

Is there anything that can’t be rationalized with the argument but it’s for the children?

Apparently not:

This is what I learned in Mexico: that parents will make any sacrifice for their children. Why do so many come across the border illegally? If you told me that one of my daughters would die young after stepping on a nail in a village without a doctor, or that my girls would have to leave school because they were needed to work and support the family, or that they would be in danger every day from drug cartels, I can promise you I would risk everything to give them a better life, especially if that life was available just across the border.

Living only 100 miles from the Mexican border, I’ve seen wave after wave of immigration and a variety of laws intended to control it. I saw lives changed by Reagan’s amnesty in the 1980s and by Clinton’s Operation Gatekeeper in the 1990s. And through all the policy shifts, the migration has continued. We can’t simply open the borders, of course. But we need to acknowledge the labor issues, and family realities, that have produced the situation and develop policy that acknowledges those complexities.

A teacher friend told me recently about her second-grade student whose father was killed in drug violence. An uncle helped the boy and his mother get to California, but then the uncle was killed. The boy has nightmares and never says a word in class, and his mother is desperate. But will she return to Mexico? Would you?

Why can’t we “simply open the borders” since everyone on the other side who has a sob story or children apparently has the right to make that child’s life better by breaking a law? It’s for the children. They can learn to abuse the welfare state here without ever learning the language. It’s for the children.

It’s for the children until folks realize the local elementary school has more native Spanish speakers than locals, or when the local ER closes because it’s in bankruptcy after treating wave upon wave of illegals who cannot be denied treatment and who never pay. It’s for the children. Until that impacts your own.



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  1. We need a worker’s visa program. This problem could be solved for the most part if he just started a program like this. Of course there would still be illegal immigration, but it would cut it down considerably if they could get legal visas. Presently, that is almost impossible.

    Neither side of the aisle has the political will to do it. For different reasons, but both parties are to blame for this mess.

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