Hold the phone, y’all.

This is nearly ridiculous.

Herman Cain has been accused of untoward behavior. He changed his story a few times after receiving a 10-day warning the story would be published. In theory, a ten-day span should be long enough to get a story straight, especially if you’re telling the truth, no?

Don’t get me wrong: I like Cain. Not planning on voting for him in the primary, but I do like him. And I don’t want to see him dragged in the mud for no reason.

That said, running around pointing fingers at other campaigns is, well, a bit silly.

The Other McCain suggests Perry will be finished over all of this. Seriously? Who else do you think Cain would finger? The BFF he’d happily serve as flip-flopping vice president for or the one he said wasn’t “conservative enough” for him?

Give me a break.

And there’s this nugget to consider via Patterico:








That might be a bitter pill for  ol’ Herman to swallow, eh? That his RINO BFF crossed him? Be careful of those flip floppers. They say they like you one day…



4 Responses

  1. I completey agree on the finger pointing. I wasn’t happy to see that at all. I hope the truth about these accusations, including the sources, come to light.

    10 days doesn’t really help, though, when you have no idea the persons or the details of their complaints. Even if you remember a baseless complaint from years ago, because what’s to say they are even related? So that part didn’t really bother me.

    now, we have a fourth complainant, who is not anonymous. We’ll see what happens.

    best to you

    • And a fifth. I don’t think the 4th is truly sexual harrassment. Sexually inappropriate, maybe, but hell, Bill Clinton anyone? I’m not a Cain fan, but the circus is distracting to the point that I wonder if he should drop out just to make it go away. We’re not having substantive conversations, it’s all about whether or not he groped a woman. Blech.

  2. Block says “never mind!” his baseless accusation against Perry:

    Redstate: http://www.redstate.com/aglanon/2011/11/03/curt-anderson-denies-knowledge-of-cain-harassment-charges-cain-camp-backs-down/

    “On Megyn Kelly later, Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff Mark Block backed off of the allegations against Perry’s camp saying that although all evidence pointed to Anderson as the leaker initially (I guess they consider having a job ‘evidence’), they are happy he denies it and have nothing but respect for Curt.”

  3. Perry has more to gain than Romney does. It could be either. But who leaked it is the big question to me.

    There is no evidence that Cain asked for sex or forced himself on anyone. He probably made some jokes that people took the wrong way. Something I don’t find all that uncommon in men his age. I guess they are used to the old non pc way of communicating.

    I think it is premature to dismiss a Perry involvement at this point. We may never know for sure. But I do believe it came from the right, not the left.

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