“The tinkering technocrats think Washington can be fixed with a pair of tweezers.”

So says Rick Perry of the mess inside the Beltway. His solution? Not more of the same:

I, on the other hand, think it will require a president with the courage to take a sledgehammer to the three pillars of big government: overspending, overtaxation and overregulation.

Huzzah. What’s on the Perry 100 day plan (and why, man, did you not roll this out on day two?!)?

Upon taking the oath of office, I will take immediate executive action to begin dismantling the Washington establishment so we can rebuild the American economy from the foundation up.

First, I will issue an executive order prohibiting the Department of Health and Human Services from any further implementation of Obamacare until we can fully repeal this unconstitutional government mandate, which, if it stands, will diminish our health care and kill jobs.

Once again, do you honestly think the architect of Romneycare will dismantle it’s demon spawn, Obamacare? Not likely. The man remains proud of his accomplishment, for all the good it does Massachusetts citizens.

Second, I will order federal agencies to begin opening American energy fields for exploration and development, which will kick-start economic growth, reduce our dependence on energy from hostile foreign sources and eventually create 1.2 million jobs across every sector of the economy. I also will work with Congress to ensure that new revenue generated from energy production on federal lands is used to pay down the national debt.

Hardest hit: Elaine.

Third, I will impose an immediate moratorium on all pending federal regulations, during which government agencies must audit every measure passed since 2008 to determine its necessity and impact on job creation. Those measures that kill jobs will be repealed.

Be still, my beating heart. Why stop at 2008?

And fourth, I will deploy thousands of National Guard personnel to secure our southern border until we can provide the permanent increase in manpower, technology and fencing needed to protect the American homeland in the long run. If I am elected, Washington will no longer abdicate its constitutional responsibility to secure the border or force states to fend for themselves.

Perry raised the ire of conservatives again with the suggestion he would allow work visas for illegal immigrants once the border was secure. He said no to amnesty. Secure the border. Work permits. Pay taxes. Why is this a poor solution?

In addition to exercising executive authority during the first 100 days of my presidency, I also will lay out a sweeping legislative agenda that will fundamentally change the way Washington works.

Amen. Read the rest.


4 Responses

  1. It’s too late for me to have any heart for Perry.

    I am among the millions of Americans he so effortlessly labeled “heartless” because we oppose being forced to take money from our own children to subsidize the higher educations of illegal aliens.

    • I feel your pain, QR, but I’m still with him. I felt bruised by some of GW’s comments and policies in the past, but I could still support him. Likewise Perry. I may not fully agree with him on immigration, but at least he has an opinion he hasn’t flipped a thousand times. I can’t support Romney. Ever. He’s the worst type of politician. Cain doesn’t grasp the basics of anything beyond self-promotion. The debate with Gingrich made that clear. Foreign policy? No. Medicare revamp? No. And his enmity toward Perry grates. You’re calling Perry the closet lib? Heh. Go look at your BFF, Mitt. As for Newt, he adds polish to the discussion. But could we truly nominate someone who has tossed out wives like old trash? Let Democrats nominate someone like that. No thanks. So that leaves me Perry. I’m sticking with him.

  2. If anyone thinks that anyone can take a sledgehammer to Washington is kidding themselves. Did Ronald Reagan change Washington? That sledgehammer is a nice red meat phrase but it has no reality. It just shows the simplicity of the Perry campaign. He’s got no nuance whatsoever, which is a sure sign of no political skills.

  3. “why, man, did you not roll this out on day two?!” Probably because he doesn’t have experience campaigning nationally. I don’t hold it against him. I’m a bit disappointed with Perry breaking the 11th Amendment, though.

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