Pundette: “I hope Perry keeps going.”

Me, too. Granted, we’re two smart moms with a news habit, not the big heads who proclaim Perry’s chances dead. I argued with my husband ad nauseam last night who sang the glories of how polished Mitt is in the face of Perry’s gaffe. Sad truth: Perry’s performance up to that point was his best debate showing yet.


Laugh if you like. At least he’s real. I’ll take him over the smooth faux-conservative Romney any day.

Republican support for Romney based on his supposed electability is pure group-think. And the eager rush to bring Perry down based on his lack of debating skills is unseemly. I thought conservative minds were more incisive and independent than that. America is in dire need of a principled and courageous leader but all we care about is a smooth performance with no awkward silences? Too bad Alex Trebec isn’t eligible; he’s very good in front of a camera. How about Ryan Seacrest? Then you’d get the youth vote, too. He’s probably pretty liberal but does that really matter? He can pay lip service to conservative beliefs and we can pretend to believe him.

I’m with her. Count me among the Perrykrishnas. I’d rather believe in something genuine sans polish than Mitt.

Exit question: why is Gingrich still up there? Why hasn’t he been run out of town on a rail? Seriously. For those who stake their last hopes on a polished, smart man who happened to conduct his personal affairs (no pun intended) in the most odious manner possible. I scoffed at tweets last night horrified at how he alienated women with his treatment of the moderator. A joke, right? All women have to do is realize what a skunk he is.


5 Responses

  1. Is your husband supporting Romney? That should make for some good evening discussion…lol.

  2. I don’t think our choices stink. I’m a happy Perrykrishna. As a born Georgia girl, I’m well aware of how awesome Newt can be. Until he sees another skirt… or his wife gets cancer…


    • I happen to agree with him on many of his immigration comments. But did he really have to ask if I have heart?

      • I’m with you, JACG. the have a heart comment pissed me off even though I agree with most of his immigration stance. Even though the tuition for illegals bothers me on principle, the acknowledged reason makes sense.

  3. Our choices stink. It is that simple. I will not vote for Romney. By process of elimination I am team Newt. Baggage and all.

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