Low hanging fruit: Kathleen Parker on Newt and “temptation”

Oh my.

Wisdom from on high at the WaPo:

Bottom line: Most Americans would rather embrace a man who has fallen and climbed back to his feet than one who has never stubbed his toe on temptation. The successful protagonist is always flawed.

Temptation? Newt stubbed his toe so many times he has a permanent limp.

Would “Most Americans” love to have The Second Other Woman become the First Lady?

Not so much.

Related reads: Newt’s adverbial prowess garners more attention.

H/t: Hot Air





2 Responses

  1. I agree. I have changed my mind on Newt. I thought he was a worthy alternative (though still supporting Romney) until a few days ago, but I’ve come to my senses. Newt would be a disaster. I’ve got a couple of blogs this week on both Newt and Romney. Apparently I’ve ticked off my co-bloggers who had signed on to Newt. 😉

    Have you read George Will’s column today? He still doesn’t like Romney, but he like newt even less.

    • The Will column is scathing. And I’m with him. LOL re ticking off co-bloggers. This cycle fascinates me. A few people have surprised me with their supported candidates. I’m still with Perry. He’s my 75% solution.

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