Who needs credit cards, eh?

When you can pay for your jumbo crab legs with food stamps?

Unreal. From a seafood market in DC:

Makes sense from a retailer’s standpoint: if 15% of the national population uses a special government card, then why not garner some of that business? Especially if that population numbers higher in your specific area? Nothing like word-of-mouth advertising!


4 Responses

  1. Just to take another point of view here. The money that people get for food stamps is not that much. If people want to be so irresponsible to spend their limited funds on crab and then don’t have enough to buy needed items later in the month, than I say go ahead.

    It all comes down to choices and being responsible with the limited funds that they receive. The average family in DC only get $240 per month. For a family, that is not much. I doubt this place sees all that many customers paying in this fashion.

  2. There’s a whole “movement” of elite “farmers market” groups (the kind that sell gourmet lettuce by the leaf and exert guild-type price fixing among vendors) who lobby for subsidies to enable “fresh food vendors” to accept food stamps & WIC along with their lobbying for Raw Milk and for “Food Desert” grants to pay their full-time market managers to write more grants…. it’s a crazy circle!

  3. You just reminded me that my birthday is coming up (New Years Eve.)

    On the menu? As always crab legs !!! Heaps and heaps of crab legs, buckets of garlic/lemon butter, baked stuffed potatoes, cheese stuffed baked jalapenos, and cole slaw.

    Difference is – WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT OURSELVES. Ooooops – sorry for shouting but this sort of thing makes me soooooooooo pissed off!!!

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