Who is the pro-life candidate?

Not the one who told abortion activists that he thought Republicans weren’t doing themselves a “favor” by being so “vehemently anti-choice.”

Not the one who thinks embryonic stem cells can be harvested because life begins at implantation, either.

Who does that leave? Oh, the one who defunded Planned Parenthood in his state, effectively shuttering the doors of 12 clinics. And who signed into law a sonogram requirement for all mothers seeking to abort their babies, in the off chance that seeing a moving life within would convince some to defer to that life.

Yeah, him. Via Steven Ertelt at LifeSiteNews:

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry today received the endorsement of the president of a statewide pro-life group in New Hampshire, the location of the second GOP primary election battleground.

Kurt Wuelper, the president of New Hampshire Right to Life, which is not affiliated with the National Right to Life Committee, endorsed Perry this afternoon as the best pro-life candidate to take on pro-abortion President Barack Obama in next year’s presidential election.

“I know that Gov. Perry unequivocally believes that life begins at conception and does not waiver in his protection of the unborn, unlike some self-professed pro-life candidates,” said Wuelper. “But more than just talking the talk, Rick Perry has shown he is a man of strong faith and strong action.”

He added: “He has a proven consistent record of protecting innocent human life and has signed more pro-life legislation than any governor in Texas history, including the Parental Notification Act, the Parental Consent Act, the Prenatal Protection Act, and the Woman’s Right to Know Act. That’s why I am supporting him for President.”

“In Texas, Gov. Perry successfully de-funded the nation’s leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood,” Wuelper added. “His courage and convictions are just what America needs right now as it tries to find its way through these tough times. I am so very proud to support Gov. Perry for president and encourage anyone who cares about fostering a culture of life in America to consider doing the same.”

Read the rest. Perry signed the most pro-life legislation as a governor, and Texas has special provisions in each budget prohibiting the use of tax dollars to fund abortions.

When fighting the most pro-abortion President in history, do we want someone who really believes in the evil of abortion, or do we want someone who sneers about pro-lifers to NARAL staffers? Or someone who–despite being told he’s the smartest man in the room–believes life begins at implantation? No thanks. I’ll stick with the one who actually believes in something. Once again: there’s no need to flip-flop if you have convictions.

H/t: Pundette.


5 Responses

  1. I like a lot of what Perry has done during his time in office. But I am so nervous about his speaking/communication style and abilities. Doesn’t this concern you? Picture him on stage for a debate with Obama. I cannot see how he would win, even though he clearly is a more principled, consistent candidate with a strong record. I just do not have faith in the American voters that they can see beyond the polish to the substance (i.e. beyond Obama to Perry). What do you think? Am I misjudging?

    • Lisa, there’s actually an article in American Spectator right now about this–that the presidential debate itself doesn’t matter nearly as much as folks think it does. Further, if Perry were to receive the nomination, he’d have help. He already does. Wish he’d gotten it sooner, but… such is life. I think he has the humility and grace to laugh off his debate foul-up and am impressed that he’s used it himself in commericals. That’s a big man.
      Besides, without his prompter, Barry O looks like a cold doofus. 57 states? He lit all 8 candles tonight? Just sayin’. Perry has been my 75% solution the whole time. I’m stickin’ with him.

      • I will look for that piece. I think many people are convinced that the debates matter a lot. I was…. how many of us are wrong but then choose to vote accordingly in the primaries because of that thinking?

        Anyway, you make good points.

      • Presidential debate is important because somehow the American people still have a positive view of Obama. One of BO’s strong points is that the people think he’s intelligent. But put him next to Newt, and Newt will wipe the floor with him… I’m not crazy about Newt (or any other Republican hopeful) but I’ll vote for him if nominated.

  2. I think he’ll be a really good president. Governor Perry stands for what he believes, and doesn’t change to fit the poll numbers. And the only polls that matter – the ballot box – always reflect how important that is to real people when he runs for office. He got a standing ovation in LA when he spoke (in English – he doesn’t put on pretenses there either) at a Unidos por la Vida (United for Life) event this past summer. He didn’t go there to court the Hispanic vote, he went to raise money for a life-saving shelter for pregnant women.

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