Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Home Depot we go

To buy incandescent lightbulbs and store in the crawl space until the end of time.

How many lightbulbs does one purchase to last forever? Or until the government can back off enough to allow me to buy the damn lightbulbs I’d like. You know, the ones that don’t require a haz-mat crew in case I drop one. Pogues.

To complicate matters: how well does one need to hide the lightbulbs if one will now have to rent out the forever-home in a few months? In non-military speak: the forever-home is the one you keep in desperate hope that you’ll return before retirement. If not, well, then retirement.


I thought I had more time to stock up. Thanks, Instapundit, for pointing out that I don’t. (Though I would be remiss, despite my love of Amazon Prime, not to point out the exorbitant prices for bulbs. Head to Home Depot.)


7 Responses

  1. Here in CA 100W is already illegal, and 75W insanely expensive. We stocked up.

  2. Yeah, I started about a year ago. I have way more than I really need. Maybe I can start a black market business if I ever need extra cash.

  3. Thanks for the clarification. Most of our house fixtures are 40w in various shapes, but I have to create our stash: we’re moving this year, so I need to have what we’ll need for this house. Movers won’t pack lightbulbs. I guess we’ll stock up on a few more 100w bulbs to pack in the car, too, for … whatever house we’re in next. Ah, the life of camp followers ; )

  4. …also – last time I was in Walmart they had quite a few 100W bulbs. Be sure and check the lumens. Not all bulbs are equal.

  5. We finished stocking up almost a year ago. Only the 100W bulb is being phased out in 2012. The only place we use that size bulb is in two of our closets.

    We use dimmers on almost all our lights so our bulbs last a long, long time. We figured out about how long a bulb lasted and factored in our life span and put away that many bulbs. They take way less room than we thought they would. We packed one large plastic storage box and made an inventory sheet.

    Those squiggly bulbs give me headaches and I won’t use them.

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