910 posts later

Two years of this? One military cross-country move, another one pending, one baby suddenly so big and another one on the way.

I doubt I would’ve kept this up had it not been for the gracious friendship of my linker-in-chief, Pundette. Without King Shamus on Twitter, I’d have no #followFriday fans. It’s funny how blogging grows friendships, but I have kinship with so many souls scattered across the country after two years. Thank you to commenters extraordinaire, linkers and blogging BFFs No One of Any Import, Being an American Mom, Edge of the Sandbox, Adrienne, Just a Conservative Girl, Back Yard Conservative, Quite Rightly, Pecan Corner, Gator Doug , Zilla, Fuzzy Slippers and Manny.

Although I’m currently persona non grata with The Other McCain for my Perry apostacy in the wake of his picking two losers, his McCain-alanches have come in handy at what he would graciously refer to as blogger despair points.

Ditto the thanks to the kings of Catholic blogging, the Archbold brothers at Creative Minority Report. I’ve been picked up on their “reader” a few times this past year and am greatly indebted.

To my blogging partner, Teaching My Two: as always, merci beaucoup. Or as we say in parts south, mercy buckets to a dear friend whose point of view I cherish.

And last but not least, to my darling husband: your incognito comments when you’re on seemingly endless TDY trips of late bring such big grins. I couldn’t do this without you or your encouragement. LU. To our sweetest girl: this was so much easier when you still napped. I love you so and hope your fiesty nature translates to a fiery love of politics like my own. And to my folks: I wouldn’t have thought my voice mattered without you both. Thanks.

On that note, a happy and blessed New Year to you all! 2012 promises to be a doozy.


22 Responses

  1. Happy New Year! I do love how blogging can foster friendships, and I dio miss it! I totally understand the nap thing too but good luck tryi ng to find a way to write with two! 🙂

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Your insight, nerve, and patriotism are an inspiration. Here’s to another two years (and more!).

  3. It is amazing how we do feel a bond with each with other. I feel the same with you as well. You and I don’t always agree, but we respect each others views and I know I have learned from you. So thank you for putting yourself out there.

    Blogging does get easier about five or six. They are much more willing to have alone time coloring or building something or another.

    • Thanks, JACG. I have learned from you as well. And it is striking to me how close I feel to many of my blogging besties. ; )

  4. Yeah, you pretty much rock. Can’t remember how I stumbled upon you, but awfully glad I did. If it helps any, the kids will let you blog for a substantial period with minimum interference at least by age 6 and 9, respectively. Especially if you growl at them when they approach: Mommy’s time! in a gutteral voice.

    Kidding. Well, half-kidding.


    • Lol on the last. No wonder my kid has such an exaggerated perception of “just one more minute.”
      Thanks. I don’t remember how we found each other, either, but I an forever grateful. It’s nice having another sassy military wife around. (GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!)
      Maybe we’ll even pcs to the same neck of the woods one day…

  5. As always too kind and gracious to call me partner – but thank you thank you thank you for the inspiration! Can’t wait to meet the newest edition! Sure to add zest and smiles to your wonderful family.

  6. Thank you for a great blog and for the mention. I’m honored.

  7. Thank you for the mention – wow! Congrats on two years!!

    You are one of my must-reads and it has been so fun getting to know you. You provide a great voice to the conservative movement – keep it up pjMom!

  8. Congratulations! A side question since you’re so experienced. Do you recommend WordPress or should someone go with Blogger? I’m thinking of getting my own blog and can’t decide.

    • Manny, you made me laugh with the experience comment. We have a closed “family” blog on blogger. It is much easier at first. That said, I remember Barbara at mommylife warning of blogger hosted sites being pulled for being too political/violations of TOS right before I started this. instapundit has recently warned of the same problem with WordPress. Wp offers a few more options as far as formatting, but the best way to try is to fiddle with each and figure out which you prefer.

      • I never thought about trying both. Thanks. My blog wouldn’t be political. I would still do my political comments on J’scafenette.

      • Manny, I enjoy the ease of our family blog on blogger. It’s easy to make it invite-only (log-in) and nwo that I’m lazy and rarely connect my camera, I can send a pic from my phone in an email attachment to blogger. Easy, peasy. Since we live so far away from our respective families, it has functioned as a virtual baby-album for the past 3 years for family and friends.

  9. Honored, yes. That’s the first word that sprang to my mind as well. I’m honored that you consider me one of your blogger buddies, and honored to be included in your list of extraordinary bloggers.

    Congratulations and thanks for your perseverance in sharing your keen insights with the rest of us!

  10. “your” friends. How is that pesky “r” always gets left off?

  11. OMGosh – I am so honored to be considered among you friends. Really – I’m very touched.

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