These are the winners?

We’re surely the losers.

From Byron York:

Despite the bigger crowd and louder music, Romney did not receive a particularly warm reception.  Speaking at the end of a long day, his delivery was energetic yet at the same time a little flat and uninspiring.  Applause lines were few and far between.  The crowd’s biggest reaction came when a few Occupy protesters started yelling things at Romney — he politely let them have their say — and the crowd began chanting “MITT! MITT! MITT!” to drown them out.

Maybe Mitt should stage those Occupy loons just to make him look better. Doh.

On Santorum:

Santorum chose to deliver his closing argument in a Pizza Ranch restaurant in suburban Altoona — a reasonable choice, given that Santorum has visited about three dozen Pizza Ranches during his travels across Iowa.  A small room in the back was filled with some supporters and a lot of media, and Santorum spent a few minutes speaking to them before repeating some of his remarks in the restaurant’s main room.

Everything about the event, like everything about the Santorum campaign, screamed underdog.  The crowd, while far larger than those Santorum attracted earlier in the campaign, wasn’t really large.  (As Philip Klein has noted, the event was like many others in this GOP campaign, booked in a tiny room so that the press might report a “packed house.”) There was no sound system, or maybe just a terrible sound system; Santorum at first tried a bullhorn and then, giving up, picked up a microphone that put out a weak sound in the back of the room.   Of course, the room was so small that that no sound system was actually needed.

That just screams winner in myriad ways. Pack that small room with more media hacks than supporters.

Bang head on desk. Watch “inevitable” nominee garner less support than he did 4 years ago. So electable!

Pray Perry can place 4th.

Wish Bachmann away.

And watch Newt inflict as much damage as possible on the way out.


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