Obama to hack at military as best he can in the next year to fire up that liberal base!

This is unreal. I can’t wait for the full announcement.

Via Hot Air, Obama to cut “tens of thousands of ground troops” from military

It’s a “more realistic” vision of the military.

What strikes me as odd given the talk of cutting the number of active carriers in the Navy AND the new fighter jet program, is this use of “well, we’ll cut the ground pounders so we can have a bigger Navy and Air Force.”

It’s all smoke and mirrors. He’s going to inflict as much damage as possible. His everlasting present to liberals. I’m just surprised he’s not going full-on Kucinich and not abolishing the Department of Defense.


On Wednesday, Boeing announced that it will shutter a factory in Wichita that produces military airplanes for refueling, an early casualty of what is expected to be a wave of closings among defense contractors.

But wait, wouldn’t you need more tankers and refuelers if you’re cutting ground troops to spare the Navy and the Air Force?

Ed Morissey points to more holes in logic, as if there were any to begin with:

This is a curious direction to take while our troops are still in Afghanistan.  Obama increased the commitment there by “tens of thousands,” a good call, but an escalation that isn’t due to reverse until two years from now.  One would expect that the US would want to make clear that we retain the ability to maintain those troop levels and could extend our commitment at any time if we so choose, so as not to embolden our enemies and make them think that our ability to wage war has been degraded.

It’s also curious because of the complaint often heard from Democrats during the Bush administration of overextending troop deployments through stop-loss, and the overuse of National Guard forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The reason for both was that the current level of funding for troops was not high enough to support two extended, small-to-medium sized conflicts at the same time while keeping our security commitments around the world.  That’s not even the “win-win,” two-major-simultaneous-wars paradigm that “dominated Pentagon funding decisions” during the Cold War, but ended during Bill Clinton’s presidency.  The rapid redeployment schedules used in the last decade showed that we may not be prepared to fight one major ground war, let alone two, for an extended period of time.

We need a President and Commander-in-Chief who understands that you don’t gut the military to save entitlement spending, especially when the entitlement spending is the lion’s share of the problema.

Go Rick Perry, go. Fight. Win.


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  1. It’s an outrage. We need to replace this bum at all costs. That’s why I’m a Romney supporter. no love of Romney, but I just don’t see any of the others defeating him.

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