Perry’s last stand

A few things this morning to assuage my angst over the Bronco’s beating last night and Perry’s ballot fight loss in Virginia.

Perry’s ticking up in the polls, from 5 to 9 percent, in South Carolina. Hardest hit: Rick Santorum, the big-government faux-conservative who has plummeted from 24% to 7, below Perry. Evangelicals decided to coalesce behind the wrong Rick yesterday because they feel he has a better chance despite the fact that he’s never run a damn thing. Rubes. Executive experience? Obama didn’t have any, either! Look how well that’s worked out for ya.




3 Responses

  1. @JACG, I know. But I can’t vote for Mitt. Won’t. Ditto for Santorum. Which leaves me Newt. I’d have a hard time voting for Newt, but he’s more principled than Mitt. Which says a lot.

    @Manny, Mitt raped a steel mill for all it was worth and left taxpayers to bail out the penion fund. If you disagree with “vulture capitalist,” maybe you’d find “business rapist” a better term.

  2. I think you are going to be disappointed. I can’t imagine Perry has the money to continue after this weekend.

    He had a very good debate performance last night. Too bad it was several months too late.

    I love his strong stance on state rights.

  3. I have to say that Perry” “vulture capitalism” statement was the last straw. I will never support him for anything in the future.

    And I’ve lost complete respect for Newt. He is a disgrace.

    I hope it’s Santorum who emerges as the Romney alternative. He has been honorable throughout.

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