Oh my.

Family business kept me from posting for the last few days. In the time since, my man Perry dropped out and endorsed Newt, who went on to wallop Mitt in the South Carolina primary. As a transplanted southerner, I’ve been awed by the commentary following Newt’s win (those stupid hicks!). Now he’s managed to reverse a sizable lead Mitt held in Florida.

And oh, the inevitable one somehow now isn’t. He didn’t win in Iowa, either.

On one hand, I watch with awe to see this terrible race get (could it?) worse.

I cannot support Santorum. He has no experience. The experience he does doesn’t bode well for conservativsm save his real devotion to pro-life causes.

I cannot support Mitt. He cannot articulate conservatism because he’s never been one. Or, as Mark Steyn put it, Mitt can’t even hire someone to articulate conservatism for him:

Can’t any of his highly paid honchos write him a campaign slogan that’s his own and doesn’t sound in his mouth so cheesily anodyne, as if some guy ran a focus-group and this phrase came up with the lowest negatives?

And that leaves me with Newt. Oh my. I know folks are spoiling for a fight with Obama, and that they see Newt as the only one who would actually bloody BO with a sharp uppercut to the jaw, rendering the ‘prompter unnecessary. I do understand that. But I also understand why Newt drowns in his own negatives. He’s odious. I can’t imagine kicking Barry O out in order to, well, replace him with someone else entirely unsuitable for the Presidency.

Pundette with bit of brilliance for what might have been this morning:

As for the might-have-runs who chose not to offer themselves as candidates this time around, none of them had the complete  Rick Perry package: genuine conservative principles, a long record of successful  leadership, and a temperament suited to the office. And none of them was without his own negatives. To name a few: Mitch Daniels: “truce,” bald, family problems; Bobby Jindal: dull; Chris  Christie: too fat, RINO-esque, arrogant; even Paul Ryan: inexperienced. And who  knows how the fickle at-home viewers would have rated their debate  performances? Perry’s notorious oops (and the resultant disproportionate, magnifying spin) was the biggest factor in his failure to attract support. Amid all the attention, little serious discussion was given to  what kind of president he was likely to have been, based on his extensive record. His flop was an enormous win for Obama.

Now we’re looking at  a couple of guys with towering negatives, some of which may constitute deal-breakers for some conservative voters. Come November and  beyond, when this American Idol-esque nomination process has borne its strange  fruit, Perry’s “oops” may look very tiny in comparison to the one uttered by the rest of us.


Brokered convention, anyone? Althouse points to Bill Kristol wishing the same thing while dropping the hint with runmitchrun.com, where a whopping 2,714 folks have signed the petition in 48 hours. Not entirely convincing, eh?

Oh my.

UPDATE: linked by Pundette as a “Recommended Read.” Many thanks!


2 Responses

  1. Alas, I wasn’t able to listen this morning, had my hands full with pjKid and volunteering fun. I’ll have to check the website in a bit.

    Regarding this being the year, yeah, you’d think so, no? Instead we’re stuck with someone so cruddy he couldn’t beat McCain in 08, a washed up Speaker, and a Senator who lost in a landslide. Crying into my tea.

  2. Rush seems to think that brokered convention is unlikely…
    I have to say I’m impressed by Santorum’s command of foreign policy issues. It just seems that fiscal conservatism is not his strong suit, and that’s what he needs to show this election.
    This is the year a true conservative should win the election, and yet…

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