The 33%

Turns out I’m one of many. Who would’ve thought a third of GOP voters would be so disgusted with our supposed choices in the primary that we’d pine for another hat tossed in the ring?

I’ve found refuge from politics in Pinterest and crafting. Obsessive cleaning. Anything but Newt, Mitt or the wrong Rick.



5 Responses

  1. Love Pinterest! Reading Pride and Prejudice right now (trying to read more classics). Obsessive cleaning and organizing too. 🙂 I’m following the election, but not too obsessively. It’s depressing. I think I’m on team Romney now… sigh.

  2. well, we have to vote for someone don’t we?

    Course I live in Virginia and I have only Mittens and Ron Paul to choose from. So I guess I was wrong, we don’t have to vote for someone. I will be leaving the presidential part of my primary ballot blank.

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