I just received my caucus registration reminder. Caucus? For Whom? I’m a conservative.

As if I am willing to get a babysitter to be there by 7 and stand up for any of the boobs left.

No thanks. I think I’d rather watch a movie at this point.

Pundette wonders when Newt fatigue will set in.

How about primary fatigue? I’m sick of ’em all and don’t think any of the boobs left have a snowball’s chance in hell.

Shoot, that’s not primary fatigue. That’s resignation.

Back to my pinterest, thankyouverymuch.



3 Responses

  1. @Lin, exactly. I think pinterest will help pass the time tonight rather than reading depressing Florida numbers of all the boobs who voted for Romney. Ugh. Also found a few new sewing blogs for maternity DIY. Ah, the joys of deployments! ; )

  2. ha ha ha, nice pinterest reference. and yeah, I’ve been at the “who cares” stage for some time now. perhaps we just don’t care for rearranging deck chairs, you and I.


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