Planned Parenthood, so hip, with it and cool, exposes itself

It’s not pretty, either.

Check out this ad campaign running in New England:

We’re your quickie? We’re your afternoon delight? Friend with benefits?

Take everything disgusting about the sexual revolution and roll it into one ad campaign. This is it. Flexible, in the mood, convenient, no strings attached. How quaint.

Jill Stanek posted Dr. Gerard Nadal’s counter-campaign. Snazzy and truthful:

We’re Your Breast Cancer

Our pills will increase your risk of the worst form of BC 540% if you start before age 18. (See the scientific reference in even smaller print.)

We’re Your HPV and Herpes Infection

According to the FDA: “Genital ulcer diseases and HPV infections can occur in both male and female genital areas that are covered or protected by a latex condom, as well as in areas that are not covered.”

We’re Your Premature Birth

Abortions often damage the cervix, leading to inability to hold babies in for a full term in future pregnancies.

We’re Your Sterility

Abortions often badly scar the uterus, leading to future sterility.

We’re Your PID

Performing gynecologic surgery on women with untreated Chlamydia infection leads to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in up to 25% of these women within a month. Hey, ask us if we test you for Chlamydia before aborting your baby!

We’re Your Ectopic Pregnancy

Progestin-only contraceptive use is associated with a five-fold increase in ectopic pregnancies among progestin-only users.

I’ll add one of my own for good measure:

We’re Your Polluter of the Water Supply

For all the eco-consciousness of pill-takers everywhere, they pee estrogen causing deformities in delicate ecosystems. To say nothing of the residual hormones left in our municipal water supplies (which cannot be removed). Save a frog, use Natural Family Planning!

Read the rest at Stanek’s.


4 Responses

  1. They must be really hurting for customers.
    I had heard that the best sex is when you are trying to have a baby.

    • @Edge: There’s something to be said for having fun while making a baby. ; )

      As for customers, I don’t think they’re hurting right now due to economy. But I think it’s such a strange commentary on our social values to launch an ad campaign that celebrates everything banal about the business you’re in. But hell, people watch The Bachelor on tv, so what do I know. Rome burning…

  2. I too have been chewing on the irony of the “small footprint” eco folks who laud one or none as a good number for children…and smugly pop those estrogen pills thinking they are helping the environment….ummmm…..not so much!

    • @TMT: funny, isn’t it. there’s a post somewhere in here quoting one of the Archibold brothers who related a similar tale from a party. the hip, with it mama of one who wouldn’t eat at the party or some such because it wasn’t all organic when she popped more chemicals on a daily basis all in the name of “living my life the way i want to.” that sums it all up, no?

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