Pundette: “Planned Parenthood must be obeyed.”

No lie. Pundette:

And you thought a donation to Planned Parenthood was just that, a gift freely given. But the recipient of the gift and its liberal allies don’t see it that way at all. Witness the mob action being waged against the Komen breast cancer charity.

The Komen Foundation reversed its “controversial” decision to suspend grants to Planned Parenthood this morning.

Donations to the Komen Foundation shot up 100% since the announcement it had¬†severed ties with PP. Exit question: will they now refund those donations from happy pro-life advocates or will those donations go to “keep the lights on” at the abortion clinics where mammograms aren’t performed.


Related: Jill Stanek’s blog is down. Coincidence?


9 Responses

  1. Money solicited to help prevent breast cancer gets funneled to fund abortions?

    From now on, I won’t even tie a pink ribbon in a baby’s hair.

  2. I must admit I wasn’t surprised that they reversed, but I was surprised at how fast they did it. You would think they would at least save face and wait a month or two. But they didn’t even wait two days. The whole thing is disgraceful. I had no idea that a breast cancer charity gave money to an abortion facility. I never gave to Komen, but not only will I never do so but I’m going to make sure that the charities I donate to have nothing to do with anything other than their charitable service. I agree with Lisa. Very sad.

  3. I saw this news when I came home for lunch. That’s it. All those little yogurts and other products with the “pink” ribbons – no more. I’ll choose the brands that do not take part in the “pink” ribbon campaigns. When my grandkids sell cookie dough, I’ll no longer buy the “pink” ones – and will help them obliterate those options from their flyers so they will only sell the cookies that do not support abortionists. When someone wants a sponsor for a walk, I’ll have to decline – and explain why.

    The Susan G. Komen foundation will not get another penny of support from me. Before, their funding of Planned Parenthood could be explained -sort of – but this makes it a clear, political statement. One that I cannot support.

    I’ve updated my post with a link over here.

    • Tina, I’ve always declined on the pink ribbon crap with the money to PP as my primary reason. Lila Rose exposed the lie of ages that mammograms or any cancer screening is performed at PP. It’s not. The money keeps the lights on an infant abbatoir, and I won’t have any part of it. Just like Girl Scout cookies–it angers many of my friends when I try to joke about it, i.e. no birth control or abortion badges for me!–but it’s my way of laughing about something uncomfortable. No, I won’t buy the cookies from your kid. I can’t believe you have her in there in the first place. Especially since there are local chapters of Heritage Girls…

      • Naw, nobody in Girl Scouts. But many of the school/soccer/etc fundraising schemes include a “pink” option. Since my beloved daughter-in-law’s mother died of breast cancer, we got in the habit years ago of supporting the cause out of love for her.

        What is Heritage Girls? I haven’t heard about it.

      • @Tina, American Heritage Girls is old-school Girl Scouts founded by a longtime member so disgusted with the increasingly left bent, i.e. rampant lesbianism (and the celebration of it), abortion and birth control “awareness” and “education,” etc. I’ve written about the “modern” GS before, as has Pundette.

        AHS has a growing following. I’m inspired by it, actually, and happy that it has expanded as rapidly as it has. A few years ago when I first heard of it, there were a handful of chapters. Now it’s in our home city, Colorado Springs, with quite a few chapters. Look it up–it’s fascinating.

  4. Did you see this editorial… I think it is pretty apt.

    I was disappointed that Komen succumbed. Sad state of affairs.


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