The robocalls come to Colorado

Oh, Mitt. Please don’t use my number.

Today we received three–really, three?–calls from Mitt. The first inopportune call arrived in what I lovingly refer to as my pregnancy-crash-naps. In other words, I can’t keep my eyes open. My problem, it seems, is the inability to fall back to sleep after waking. So the first call, to inform me of Mitt’s campaign rally here this weekend, was enough to get under my skin.

The second call came at dinner. You’d think a family man would time these better. Oddly enough, the call didn’t attack Gingrich–it was a crafty anti-Santorum ad. He apparently voted for the “Bridge to Nowhere” and five–shocking, I know–five times to increase the debt ceiling. The call went further, suggesting that Santorum can’t be trusted because he swore he would never take a pay increase, yet voted 3 times to do so, and took the raise afterward.

To add insult to injury, a second robo call followed as soon as I hung up, this time from the the Colorado Secretary of State.  Smarter, I hung up, and finished my cheese fondue.

It’s mildly ironic to me that Romney would choose to attack someone for being fiscally imprudent with the Romneycare albatross hanging from flashy gold look-at-me chains around his neck.

Maybe I will get a babysitter to attend the caucus Tuesday night after all.

2 Responses

  1. I hope he wraps up the nomination before CA primaries.
    In 08 I we kept getting Obama endorsement robo calls from the blond who starred in Vickie Christina Barcelona. Really, in CA?

  2. A friend of mine works for Newt at his main office here in VA. I was making phone calls the other day. The calls to Colorado started yesterday.

    I made sure he understood me making calls was not a endorsement, just a favor for a good guy.

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