“Tonight’s victory should put to bed the idea that the Republican nomination for Mitt Romney is inevitable” UPDATED

So said Stuart Roy, “an advisor to the super-PAC backing Santorum that ran television ads on his behalf in Missouri.”

He should’ve amended his statement to “victories.”


Read the rest of the “Quotes of the Day” compiled by Allahpundit.

Santorum won Missouri and Minnesota. It’s a nail biter in Colorado, but El Paso County should put Santorum over the top. With 75% of precincts in, Romney leads Santorum by 200 votes.

What happened to my nose holding of Newt? I received so many calls over the weekend–of the robo and live human variety–that I finally realized I couldn’t say I would vote for Newt. I just … couldn’t. My initial wariness of him as lower than pond scum finally bubbled back to the surface. And I won’t vote for Romney. So that leaves one.

One who chipped away at the supposed inevitability of Romney rather well tonight.

UPDATE: Santorum takes Colorado, too, with 40% of the vote. Wahoo!


3 Responses

  1. There are things that trouble me way too much about Santorum. He is a guy who won’t think twice about using government to solve social ills, he has a voting record that proves that.

    We also will start hearing more about his campaign staffer(s) statements about women, his housing issues while senator, and the money he took from PA to use for school expenses while he and his children were living in VA. He is just surging during the voting cycle.

    Many people don’t know about many of these issues, and once this comes out (and it will) the numbers will drop.

    Again, they all suck.

    I have decided to vote for Ron Paul in my primary. My primary is being done on a proportional basis, so the fewer votes Romney gets the better. I have only two choices so Ron Paul is what I must do.

    • @JACG: Trust me, there are problems with Santorum. But … I suppose in the scheme of things, the problems with Santorum aren’t as glaringly obvious as with Newt. I still hope for a brokered convention. I don’t think Santorum has the experience, nor do I like the housing/school issues at hand. That said, he’s not Newt. And he’s not Romney. And that’s the best we can do at present (depressing, I know).

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