Steyn: “The president of the United States has decided to go Henry VIII on the Church’s medieval ass”


As ever, Mark Steyn’s incomparable way with words hammers Obama’s latest “compromise” on the birth control conundrum. More:

Whatever religious institutions might profess to believe in the matter of “women’s health,” their pre-eminences, jurisdictions, privileges, authorities and immunities are now subordinate to a one-and-only supreme head on earth determined to repress, redress, restrain and amend their heresies. One wouldn’t wish to overextend the analogy: For one thing, the Catholic Church in America has been pathetically accommodating of Beltway bigwigs’ ravenous appetite for marital annulments in a way that Pope Clement VII was disinclined to be vis-a-vis the English king and Catherine of Aragon. But where’d all the pandering get them? In essence, President Obama has embarked on the same usurpation of church authority as Henry VIII: as his Friday morning faux-compromise confirms, the continued existence of a “faith-based institution” depends on submission to the doctrinal supremacy of the state.

And I thought Washington had done a fine job in ensuring the President wasn’t King. So much for that, eh? Buried in the pages upon pages of Obamacare:

As Philip Klein pointed out in the American Spectator two years ago, the Obamacare bill contained 700 references to the Secretary “shall,” another 200 to the Secretary “may,” and 139 to the Secretary “determines.” So the Secretary may and shall determine pretty much anything she wants, as the Obamaphile rubes among the Catholic hierarchy are belatedly discovering. His Majesty King Barack “shall have full power and authority to visit, repress, redress, record, order, correct, restrain and amend all such errors, heresies, abuses, offenses, contempts and enormities whatsoever they be.”

Read the rest.

A friend of mine posted to Facebook earlier a comment along these lines:

Snap. Work for a religious institution but have medical condition that requires the Pill? You’re covered.

Ah, restraint is a virtue. Yes, snap for religious freedom and the supremacy of state. And snap for those who won’t realize that their insurance premiums rise above what they paid out-of-pocket for their precious progesterone pills. Because they won’t pay for just their own pills, they’re now paying for everyone else’s coverage, too. Snap all the way to the bank with a smaller paycheck. Duped. Just ask those folks in Massachusetts who pay the highest premiums in the land.

(Surreal that Mitt is still even running, ain’t it?)

A profound explanation from Andy McCarthy: it’s fraud.  From NRO:

In the scenario addressed by the Obama administration’s cockamamie “compromise,” religious organization employer (call it “A”) wishes to purchase health insurance from B insurance company for C, its employees, but not cover birth-control services that violate A’s religious principles and that the First Amendment protects A from having to subsidize.

Obama is telling A that it can pay B and that the payments will not cover birth control services for C; he is then telling B to cover the birth-control services for C — but only because A is making the payments. A is thus deceived by Obama’s representations into paying B for C’s birth-control services.

That is fraud. If you tried to pull something like it, federal agents and attorneys would investigate and prosecute you. And if millions of dollars were involved, the sentencing guidelines would dictate many, many years of incarceration

(Well, he is a charlatan, no?)

H/t: Pundette.


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  1. Yeah, if I threw a rock through someone’s window, I would be responsible for the breakage, but if I hired someone else to throw a rock through the window, I’d be innocent of all responsibility.

    You can tell from Obama’s “logic” that it’s been a long, long, long, long time since he had any mental association with a truthful or factual analysis.

    He may no longer be capable of recognizing a truthful statement if he heard one. And considering the company he keeps, he can’t be hearing them too often.

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