Lather, rinse, repeat: Again, why would we nominate this pogue?

That would be Romney. The one who publicly encouraged Obama to pursue the individual mandate. Erick Erickson at Red State writes:

Had Michigan not been as close, the Democrats would have waited to spring this on us in the general election.  Luckily we have it now and I hope Ohio voters are paying attention.

In July 2009, Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed in USA Today urging Barack Obama to usean individual mandate at the national level to control healthcare costs.

On the campaign trail now, Mitt Romney says the individual mandate is appropriate for Massachusetts, but not the nation.  Repeatedly in debates, Romney has said he opposes a national individual mandate.

But back in 2009, as Barack Obama was formulating his healthcare vision for the country, Mitt Romney encouraged him publicly to use an individual mandate.  In his op-ed, Governor Romney suggested that the federal government learn from Massachusetts how to make healthcare available for all.  One of those things was “Using tax penalties, as we did, or tax credits, as others have proposed, encourages “free riders” to take responsibility for themselves rather than pass their medical costs on to others.”

Friends, if Mitt Romney is the nominee, we will be unable to fight Obama on an issue that 60% of Americans agree with us on.

There’s nothing to add. Nominating Romney takes Obamacare off the table. There’s nothing to debate, y’all, because Romney was the one who paved the way. Romney already lied–yes, that’s right, flat-out lied–about forcing Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraception in Massachusetts.  But hey, he’s most electable. Somehow.

On another note, why has this op-ed remained buried? Allahpundit explains all:

A not-so-oldie but goodie recovered from the Internet memory hole by Andrew Kaczynski. Why are you just (re-)learning of this now instead of having been reminded of it by Gingrich and Santorum daily for the past six months? Well, (a) the original op-ed has oddly disappeared from the archives at USA Today (the link above goes to a Romney fan site), (b) Gingrich and Santorum run barebones campaigns which can’t afford robust oppo teams, and (c) I think most people are so thoroughly confused by Romney’s position on federal and state health care that they’re not sure what’s a gotcha anymore and what isn’t.

Unreal, y’all.


4 Responses

  1. He’s the last person I though would be nominated. But he is running a good on the ground campaign and he’s an expert fundraiser.

    • I don’t disagree, Edge. I’m just gravely disappointed. Or maybe it’s disgusted. I vacillate between the two.

  2. We’d nominate him because he thinks and acts so much like a Progressive Democrat that Progressive Democrats might (might) vote for him?

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