Those Crazy Catholics: NYT draws attention to Santorum’s home parish

Dear God. (No pun intended).

The NYT, in an attempt to paint Rick Santorum’s home parish as extreme offers this:

Mass is offered in Latin every Sunday at noon — most parishes have Mass only in English — and each Wednesday parishioners take turns praying nonstop for 24 hours before a consecrated communion wafer, a demanding practice known as Eucharistic adoration.

24 hours? How inconvenient to pray for 24 hours! After all, we can run to Walgreens at 2 in the morning. Or Safeway. Heck, even the local laundrymat announces it’s “24/7.” How extreme for someone to go into a church of all places and pray in the middle of the night. Crazies! Loons every one. And to want to worship at one of four weekend Masses offered in Latin. How … archaic.

But wait, there’s more:

As members of St. Catherine of Siena, a parish here in the wealthy Northern Virginia suburb of Great Falls, the Santorums are immersed in a community where large families are not uncommon and many mothers leave behind careers to dedicate themselves to child-rearing, as Mrs. Santorum has. Mr. Santorum has been on the church roster as a lector, reading Scripture from the pulpit.

A lector! Thank goodness he’s not a … Eucharistic Minister! Scandalous! And who do those women think they are? Devoting themselves to child-rearing. Large families at that! How mundane.

And now for a little guilt-by-association:

The parish is known for its Washington luminaries — Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court is a member — as well as its spiritual ardor.

And everyone knows that that obviously means. Keep going, NYT, don’t fail to disappoint:

The Santorums’ beliefs are reflected in a succession of lifestyle decisions, including eschewing birth control, home schooling their younger children and sending the older boys to a private academy affiliated with Opus Dei, an influential Catholic movement that emphasizes spiritual holiness.

Oh my. Birth control and homeschooling! Two points! I give the writer credit for the restraint obviously necessary not to mention “The Da Vinci Code” in connection with Opus Dei. Maybe that would’ve been … oh, too over the top, no?

I’ve saved the best for last:

Mr. Santorum has been a supporter of Regnum Christi, the lay wing of a conservative, cultish order of priests known as the Legion of Christ. In 2003, he was the keynote speaker at a Regnum Christi event in Chicago that drew protesters because the group’s charismatic founder, who had spent years denying that he had sexually abused seminarians, was scheduled to share the podium.

Cult and sex abuse in the same sentence! Score another for the writer!  It’s comforting to know we can always count on the esteemed Gray Lady for such zealous reporting.


UPDATE: linked by Pundette as a Recommended Read. Thanks!

10 Responses

  1. He speaks Latin? Wow!

  2. Teaching prayer and the pursuit of spiritual holiness! To the Left, that child abuse.

  3. I love our parish and have no intention of moving to Virginia, but that story makes it sounds like a really nice parish to join. 🙂

  4. I was at Newt’s headquarters yesterday making phone calls. One of the people helping out goes to that church. He seemed like a really nice young man. I didn’t detect any cultish like behavior. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

  5. Be afraid! Booga Booga Booga..the Catholics are coming….
    The Catholics are coming….and the deliberate literal language –praying to a consecrated communion wafer…I know they know it, but for the record, it is the Eucharist. Otherwise, we wouldn’t.

    • I know, Sherry. Praying to a wafer! What is it, a cookie? Grr. My blood boiled last night reading it. Playing into every stereotype possible.

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