Stupor Tuesday not so Super for the Inevitable Nominee

Whoopsie! Contrary to popular pre-written (Obama-endorsed) narrative, Mitt didn’t wrap it up last night. As Erik Erikson tweeted:

So our front runner continues his losing streak of evangelicals, the South, and most most conservatives.

Late-reporting urban areas may still give Romney a win in Ohio, but it is striking that he is struggling so much in a state where he carpet-bombed Rick Santorum the way he did. And in Ohio — unlike Michigan — there was no semi-organized effort among Democrats to embarrass him by casting votes for Santorum. Romney won among those voters who saw electability in November as their prime concern; his problem was that many voters had other priorities. Evangelicals continued to resist him, as did many blue-collar workers and the most conservative of voters.

Mitt Romney remains the favorite for the GOP nomination, but if his campaign doesn’t realize that tonight’s results are real danger signals for their man — with regard to both later primaries and the November election — they are fooling themselves.

Romney’s campaign staffers aren’t the only ones fooling themselves. I’d include anyone who voted for the grandfather of mandates and Obamacare. Another gem from Allah:
Fully half of Republican primary voters in Massachusetts say RomneyCare went too far.
 Why. Why? Why did these folks vote for Mitt when they were the ones shafted by Romneycare? Why does anyone? Oh yea. Forgot. He’s inevitable! An inevitable LOSER. Doh!

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