“And so obsessed with maintaining their choice, many people are content to remove the choice from others in order to serve their choice”

So writes Matthew Archibold of CMR at the National Catholic Register. It’s the little ironies, isn’t it?

He observes (correctly, I might add):

I know a guy who married the wrong woman because for the first time in his  life he was having sex. And he was fooled into thinking he was in love—for a  while.

I know a girl who was smarter than seven colleges. She dropped out of high  school when she got pregnant.

I know a guy who’s haunted by the abortion of a casual hook up.

I know a young woman who’s confused and angry because she never had a  father.

I know a man who has a venereal disease and after a few dates with women he  has to explain it to them and watch them recoil.

I knew a man who died of AIDS.

I don’t know who came up with the idea that sex was consequence free; whether  it was the genius advertisers pushing The Pill, or Hugh Hefner, or just some  kind of agreed upon cultural delusion, it doesn’t really matter. The reality is  that we’re all stuck with the consequences of the myth of consequence free sex.  In fact, we’ve promulgated the myth for so long we have generations for whom the  thought of consequences to sexual relations is an oddity. Abstinence has become  a cultural punchline.

Now, not only do we have an expectation of consequence free sex but we have a  right. And this supposed “right” has left generations pursuing an unnatural myth  with calamitous consequences for our culture. The myth has fostered the “right” to abortion and now the “right” to contraception, even at the expense of  religious institutions.

I was always taught that one’s “rights” ended where another’s begin. But I guess the Chicago-school doesn’t support that view after witnessing the “rights” to birth control literally trump the Constitutionally protected right to worship.

But that’s just me, I guess.

Read the rest.

3 Responses

  1. @pjMom — What Obama means by “freedom of worship” is: Okay, do what you’re gonna do, but . . . Do it behind closed doors. And only behind closed doors. Don’t–by any stretch of the imagination–think you’re free to extend your religious beliefs out into the world in, say, a school, soup kitchen, hospital, adoption service, etc. etc. Because you what you really have is “freedom of worship.”

    You and I might recognize that caring for the poor or sick is considered by many a religious obligation performed as a consequence of religious belief and is therefore an expression of “worship,” but, by Obama’s narrow definition, that’s not “worship.” According to him, the minute you step outside a house of worship (or, in some, not all, cases the privacy of your own home), your “freedom of worship” ends: you have entered the arena of secular activity over which gov’t, Big and Small, has control.

  2. It’s not “freedom of worship”, it’s freedom of religion. Obama is the one to start referring to “freedom of worship.” That’s a very dangerous statement and twisting of what our real rights are.

    And you and Matthew are absolutely correct. The “progressives” or whatever they call themselves are incapable of seeing that they are trampling all over other people’s rights.

    • @Adrienne, I don’t know. I’ve read so much over the past few weeks thanks to the mandate, and the freedom to carry out one’s religious beliefs is, to me, worship. It’s the freedom to actually practice one’s faith. It is the freedom of religion, but with that comes the actual practice. I dunno. I see your point, but think there’s a distinction I was aiming for–maybe I didn’t convey it well!

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