Gingrich-Perry ticket rumor: will it help Newt win Alabama and Mississippi?

I wonder. Fox News via Memeorandum:

Sources close to the Gingrich campaign say preliminary “what-if”  conversations are underway that could lead to a Gingrich-Perry ticket being  announced prior to the  Republican National Convention at the end of  August.

Gingrich insiders hope forming a predetermined ticket with Perry will unite  the evangelical, Tea  Party and very conservative voters that make up the core of the GOP.

As discussions got underway, a spokesman for Texas Gov. Rick  Perry released a statement saying, “Gov. Perry thinks Newt  Gingrich is the strongest conservative to debate and defeat President Obama  and truly overhaul Washington. The speculation is humbling but premature.”

Floating Perry as a running mate two days before Alabama  and Mississippi could energize conservatives or turn them off.

A senior aide to Rick  Santorum called it a desperate hail mary to create buzz ahead of contests in Alabama  and Mississippi Tuesday.

After learning of the Gingrich-Perry ticket discussions, the Romney camp said  it preferred to focus on the Mississippi and Alabama delegate race, noting that  they expect to win about a third of the delegates in a three-way split with  Santorum and Gingrich.

Gingrich faces high expectations of his own making in Alabama and Mississippi  this coming Tuesday.

Prior to winning Georgia, which Gingrich said was necessary to remain  “credible,” Gingrich and his team repeatedly said it would take winning Alabama  and Mississippi to  restore momentum and fundraising capacity.  Newt  2012 is barely in the black.

Gingrich in recent days shifted gears and began saying regardless of what  happens Tuesday in the deep South, he will continue to campaign against his  rivals until the convention in Tampa.

As a broken-hearted Perrykrisna who loathes Newt, I’m faced with a dilemma: could I pull the lever for him if Perry were on the ticket? Hell, that’s what I did in 2008. So maybe it isn’t that much of a stretch.

What say you?


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