The effect of a free education?

Yet again, look at Greece:

Greeks attend university and vocational schools at a higher rate than students in Germany, Spain or Switzerland, with 43 percent of college-aged Greeks enrolled in 2007, the most recent year that statistics were available from the Organization of European Cooperation and Development in Paris. Yet only 18 percent graduate, one of the lowest rates in Europe.

Greek students pay no tuition, a fact enshrined in the constitution, so there’s no incentive to leave college, said Alan Ruby, a senior fellow for international education at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Emphasis my own. So many lessons can be distilled from one tiny fact, no?

Students pay no tuition, therefore have no incentive to leave.

Welfare recipients pay no taxes and receive never-ending benefits by sitting on their duffs, therefore have no incentive to find work.

Long-term unemployment collectors receive benefits for not finding a job, therefore have no incentive to find said better job.

I could go on.

As Greece heads off the cliff we’re facing. Is it possible to learn a lesson? Doesn’t look likely, does it, as folks scream for free contraceptives.



One Response

  1. We already know this lesson. It’s the Liberals that don’t and I would say that the majority of Liberals have such thick skulls that information like this doesn’t sink in.

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