Ho-hum: despite being “the frontrunner,” Mitt places third in Alabama and Mississippi

Heh. Oh, the wringing of hands!  Via The Washington Examiner:

Tuesday’s victories put Santorum well ahead of Gingrich in the primary-within-a-primary fight to become the sole conservative alternative to Romney, who despite a massive financial and organizational advantage placed third in both Southern states.

Those silly hicks. Rubes, even. Ah, evangelicals.

Romney was on an airplane as the results rolled in and offered no public comments about his third-place showing.

Heh. But don’t they understand?

The Republican establishment, which has long backed Romney, hoped the former Massachusetts governor would win Mississippi or Alabama to loosen Gingrich and Santorum’s grip on the party’s conservative base and to demonstrate that he could win in a region critical to his party’s chances of retaking the White House.

Guess not. What’s next?


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  1. Mississippi is not Massachusetts it seems. 🙂

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